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Article about: by Scout OP, we badly need a pic of the Landy complete with arsenal, puuuhleeze! I've plenty of pics of the old heap, but not too many of it when it's at a show, these are the best of a bad

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    The 'Desert Yellow' colour of the new FN MAG receiver does rather show what the 7.62 x 51mm is needed for-fire support in open country such as the 'Stan and the 'Raq and of course the forthcoming festivities in the 'Ran (get your tickets now to avoid disappointment).

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    I really shouldnt laugh, because I went to both holliday resorts and as tourist destinations, they are both highly overrated.
    There is a pretty wide beach in Astan though.
    Locals are how ever not overly friendly, beware of welcome packages. It might be a scam.
    As for upcomming festivities, dont forget about ' stay in the vernacular.

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    Mr Paratrooper has your L1A1 turned up?? looking forward to seeing the rifle...Cheers Terry.

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