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At Last!-picked these up today.

Article about: Very Nice!

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    Default Re: At Last!-picked these up today.

    Very Nice!

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    Default Re: At Last!-picked these up today.


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    Default Re: At Last!-picked these up today.

    Mmm... Now THIS is what I call " Internet porn"!!! Good stuff. I love the arty!

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    Outstanding...Is the M1911A1 a Remington-Rand? Best regards, Thanos.

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    Yassou Thanos!-yes it's an RR 1911A1, made late 1944, arsenal refinished post war and unshot since-I won't be shooting it as it cost a great deal of money-the prices for a decent example are crazy now-I will get some pictures of it and the rig I got for it and post them soon.

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    Hi there lithgow, glad to be greeted in greek ! Just as i thought for the M1911A1. We'll be all happy to see more photos of your weapons...Best regards, Thanos.

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    Man....I'd love to shoot these...with care of course! This is what they are meant for, after all . If you won't shoot them, then why not save money and get deactivated ones? Don't get me wrong, I loathe deactivated weapons but I love to fire live ones.

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