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Lithgow Mk III* Information Needed

Article about: I have a Lithgow Mk III* in excellent condition that has a 1.2" green band painted on the stock about 1.3" in back of the stock's wrist. I have owned the rifle for about 10 years a

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    Old army axiom but if it's painted yellow it's for training only-no real idea what the green band is for but it could be a rack identifier-I have seen some Indian rifles with blue bands fairly roughly painted on them that were believed to be for this purpose.

    As far as Oz (Australia) goes we do rather like it here thanks, being very much the land of the SMLE as they were service weapons and then civil use for so long-the parts etc are starting to dry up though as the 1st and 2nd World Wars were a long time ago now... Samev do you have any of the LE .22 cal trainers?

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    Yes I have 2 LE trainers one is the Mk 2 No4, the other is the Canadian C No 7 Mk 1 with the transit chest. I too love all the LE's as well as all Commonwealth rifles, pistols revolvers and machine guns. I tried for years to get the Mk 8 trainer but could never find one in the condition I collect. I guess I should have bought one and upgraded. At least then I would have one.

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    Excellent examples you have, samnev!

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