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Local fresh 1940 PPK Dural

Article about: Local fresh, supposedly the best things are... I'm not even that crazy about the Dural myself, I prefer plain old steel, I like the way it wears and I've never been too fond of the two tone

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    Default Re: Local fresh 1940 PPK Dural

    Please note: In this post I do not bear an iota of animosity against the OP. I dont mean this to be aggressive and this will be my last post in this thread. I mean no offence what so ever and am only stating my sentiments. There are far worse things in the World and I dont get agitated about minor details such as a gloomy (both figuratively and literally) shot of a PPK.

    Quote by Scout View Post
    Ohh, I like that a lot!
    If the gloom meter is not turned up on high, please post some more pics - preferably close ups and in natural (day-)light
    Quote by kilomikesierra1960 View Post

    What's so exciting a pic of a gun by itself, with close-ups ad nauseum, every possible angle, on a white sheet of paper, in a light box or just illuminated by the correct photo lamps?
    Its official; I give up on you *SIGH*
    You are on a War Relic forum and there are those of us who are very interested in certain aspects about the PPK, which so far has had no light shed upon it (both figuratively and literally); serial number range (feel free to exchange a few of the hindmost numbers for 'X's, bore condition, how it looks inside etc etc etc).
    I find it ironic, that you bitch about a lack of interest and then shut inquiries down (note, I didnt say 'rudely,' because I do not find you rude. I believe, you are simply stating your view as you see it. I do as well).

    Quote by kilomikesierra1960 View Post
    PS, I really hope for lively interaction on this [firearms] forum! I love to talk about guns (all guns), that is part of who I am. I have been a lifelong gun nut, as well as having been fascinated with WWII also.
    See above.
    Well, you might have an interest in guns. To me, it sounds like you lean more about the picure taking side.
    Be that as it may. One thing is for sure; we dont see guns from the same POV and I very much doubt, that we would have much to talk about in the way of guns. Ive been interested in guns since I wasnt old enough to rack the slide of a service automatic and have an avid interest in clear pics showing every detail of a guns - also broken down into major parts (slide, spring and frame in this case). Im interested in the story of how you got (if it can be revealed), interested in whether or not its a vet bring back and what the previous owner told you (if it can be revealed), interested in whether or not its a family heriloom (be it yours or another family), interested in any special markings be it on the frame, the slide or under the grip slabs etc etc etc.
    Often the background story 'fleshes out' the pics of the gun and are as interesting as the gun itself (at least to me).
    This is a war relic forum - many here are very interested in the above.

    You mention the custom in 'this country.' I dont know from whence you hail (or whether the PPK is a deac or not), because the 'details' you supply are very scant, but I assume you are from the US, as you speak of the S&W in your country. Anyway, in regards to a ladies gun; I dont believe that to be the case. 'Officers wives guns' were not customary in pre-war or WWII Germany (a pocket gun or other small caliber gun in a cupboard in the home is another matter) - the material of the gun was simply made to try to lighten the gun.This was carried on with later version of other Walther-type guns both in France with the PPK and in Federal Germany with for example later versions of the P-38 ('P-38' designation used here for comprehension purposes).

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    Default Re: Local fresh 1940 PPK Dural

    Quote by kilomikesierra1960 View Post
    I should have realized how boring one of these can be, yawn... The energy here just bowls you over sometime, the excitement people express over even the mundane... Of course I don't have 4 MP40's or a $10k SS outfit so who cares... and why do I care I even wonder, to waste the time to share here? I had wasted more of my time with another pic, better light today, actually used my Nikon for a bit better resolution and detail, when I logged on here to post it and realized there is seemingly zero interest...

    I really makes you wonder what is this human need to share (it's not like I can get my wife excited about this...), when there is zero response it does seem a bit useless (like the tree falling in the forest making no sound if no one is around). So I must really ask myself, "who cares about this" and let it go, rather than seeming like some poor dolt who needs praise and approval from people who don't have it to give. Maybe I just haven't kissed enough you know what to deserve it, as I know I'm far from perfect...

    But it leaves me sad all the same... in the future I must refrain from expecting to be a part of something here, it's sad to say but the time spent can often have no rewards. The last time I posted an item (in world firearms), and typed up a rather lengthy response to few comments I did very much appreciate, along with more pics posted, the post seemed to end in the Twilight Zone, as if one was speaking to people who are very much not interested, in you, or your experiences, or what you have to offer as a contributor to the site.

    Attachment 519623
    I agree 100% in what you say here, My opinion exactly! Have also placed photos and asked questions and found out i am talking to myself.
    Collect ROA, Cossack, Schuma and other WW2 Volunteer militaria.

    "Be Humble and kind, for you may find that it was Odin you entertained"

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    Default Re: Local fresh 1940 PPK Dural

    I have always wanted a gun like this. They are beautiful, but very difficult to find in a vets yardsale etc
    Collect ROA, Cossack, Schuma and other WW2 Volunteer militaria.

    "Be Humble and kind, for you may find that it was Odin you entertained"

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    Default Re: Local fresh 1940 PPK Dural

    The Germans literally never met a pocket pistol they didn't like-vast numbers of their own and other countries' types were used by them, usually in 7.65mm or 9mm Short (.32 ACP or .380 ACP). There were many different armed groups that used these guns-Party, Government, paramilitary, police and the various armed forces. No shortage of customers, many of whom wanted special features as presentation or status pieces.
    There was a practice among many Continental armies that the smaller a pistol an officer carried, the more important they were as they didn't need a 'real' weapon, thus .25 ACP calibre vest pistols being carried in micro holsters on belts as a status symbol as well as being used in combat as concealed 'holdout' weapons during the war.

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    Default Re: Local fresh 1940 PPK Dural


    Ok, ok, ok, and ok?

    And why bother posting all these detailed shots? I mentioned that in the last thread I started, after I responded to some responses with added info (both personal and about the gun) there was nothing but a giant sucking sound, as in a void... as in the thread just died, and I felt like I'd done nothing but wasted time by sharing more info about the gun, and myself, and what I like to do with my time, and that I like to tinker with guns, and antiques in general, and that I love old tools, and quality things in general, and I'm fascinated with WWII stuff, especially firearms...

    DEAC? I've mentioned in several posts belonging to the WA Collector's Association, going to gun shows for for the last 20 years, knowing (and having bought guns) from several very well known collectors, Don Hallock and his Walther collecting buddies from the Pacific NW. I really can't help with your lack of perception... for god's sakes, I even have a location in my sig, where you have none. So I (and dozens of others I suppose) have truly no clue where you hail from, so please don't come down on me for your lack of ability to read as well as not knowing the wonder that are the "Channeled Scablands" ;-)

    However, when you state that "I very much doubt, that we would have much to talk about in the way of guns." I am the one who should "give up on you", Sir (not that I would ;-).

    There's little kids out there I can talk about guns with, adults that are mildly even interested, old people, my wife... In short, there isn't anybody I can't talk about guns with, and for someone who hangs out here, in the War Relics site to say this to me, tells much more about you that it does myself.

    I've been reading about, studying and collecting WWII firearms for three decades now, I have a truly vast amount of knowledge on the subject stored in my head. I love to discuss it with other like minded people, which in real life (not the internet) , these people are truly few and far between for me.

    As far as the PPK, I mentioned in the first post that it is a private purchase, made in 1940 who gives a rip about a serial number?, and I didn't feel the need to give it out), and the bore is great or I probably wouldn't have bought it... (again, what difference does it make, and I simply forgot to mention it) and is it all matching? Considering that they never numbered any of the little pieces on these, what are we talking about? It's an unnumbered slide, with last three of the digits scribed inside, and hard to read, and I have not doubt that it is exactly as it was made in 1940 at the Zella-Mehllis Waffenfabrik. The frame is 263XXX K, and I haven't even bothered to doublecheck to see if it is a 1940, because I trust the knowledge of the person who sold it to me implicitly.

    I'm not one to hung up on little details, but the gun is a gem, I paid plenty. I wouldn't have bought if it had problems...

    I bought this from a very very experienced Walther collector, who has finally agreed to part with with his most prized pieces, not for the $$$, but because I've expressed an interest (for a long time now...), and because he feels that I am the person who should have these, because or my ardent interest, and I truly thank him for it.

    All I know about this piece is that he picked it up from someone who knew absolutely nothing of its history, the history has been lost. But the gun remains, and I think it should really be one of the holy grails of my collection. I've had many Third Reich pistols in the past, some were infinitely rarer than this, I've had multitudes of rare PP's and PPK's and they are all long gone since I quit collecting for well over a decade at one point, so at this point in time, for me, it is a pretty great piece. And it was passed on to me from a friend as well as fellow Walther collector, and that means something too.
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    Default Re: Local fresh 1940 PPK Dural

    I said, that I wouldnt post again so as not to provoke an aggresive OT reaction, but feel I have to post and rectify the following and further more questions were directed at me:

    I apologize for claiming you didnt state your location and only wrote what was customary 'in this country' in regards to officers wiwes pistols.
    I had no idea, what 'Scablands' were and assumed it a joke, as the only scabs, I knew of were crusts covering a wound and strikebreakers.
    I had no idea anybody would be loopy enough to name a geographical location 'Scablands.'
    I assumed it a joke or an inside term - now I know better (had to look it up, which I should have done in the first place. In my defence few members here would know what or where 'The Scablands' is. Maybe write 'WA' after the location - many find that the natural thing to do, when and if they choose to write a location - especially one a select few or at least few Europeans/Asians etc would know?)
    I assumed and we all know, what assumptions are the mother of. For that Im sorry.

    For some reason you go on about the need for detailed shots (or rather the lack there of).
    If you (still) dont know, I cant explain (more than I already have ad nauseam).
    (its a bit like Harley-Davidson; if you dont know, I cant explain).
    Suffice it to say, that for me and loads of others here close-ups are pure porn (or better). This is customary in experienced and even semi-experienced gun collecting circles. There really should be no need to explain....but see above.

    Personally, I thrive on a post full of close-ups of every inch of a gun and from several angles - not only for the sake of rare marks or custom work, but for the sheer joy of following the flowing lines of a well made gun. If that wasnt the case, we might as well post dark far-off pics of a new Hi-Point, but what would be the point of that (no pun intended). Come to think of it, murky far-off pics of a Hi-Point would actually be a Blessing!

    In regards to pics, You have made it painfully clear, that you dont relate to a gun in that way (just one of the points where you dont share common ground with many here) and dont see any need other than a murky far off shot. So be it. Lets bury that one. Its of no real importance and its a joke by now - just one of the ways we obviously dont see eye to eye. No problem - people are different.
    But close ups are customary and thankfully received by those who are absolute gun geeks/nerds.

    As for serial number; gives an indication of when the gun was made (I know you claimed a year) and can in some (very) rare cases contribute to other info. This is customary to state in some experienced gun collecting circles. Some do, some dont. No biggie.

    Read my post again; I delibrately said to block out one or more numbers with one or more 'X's - this is customary to do for experienced gun collectors on forums, especially if they have loads of guns and dont want to advertise the numbers.
    Of course You dont have to supply the number - its not THAT important and nothing to make an issue of out.

    As for what you have written in OTHER threads about yourself is hardly pertinent in this thread, as its neither here nor there.
    There are thousands of members here from many nations and the World dont revolve around any single member.
    I might or might not have read any of your posts and might or might not have commented; truth be told, I tend to focus on the gun and not necessarily on the forum member writing the post.
    Again, the World dont revolve around a single member - its all about the relics, man!

    Its nice, that you 'have a truly vast amount of knowledge stored in your head.' I consider myself a mere student and have done so for decades. I can always learn something new. The day that is not the case, it wont be fun any more.

    But as you have now cemented in your second post, we look at the subject of guns and forum gun threads from opposite corners of the gun hobby - so be it, thats no problem. People are different and to each his own.

    By now, I have spent too much time on this and Im sure you feel the same. I had an inkling, that I should no have written what I did, when I saw you complain about the lack of attention and then bitched further, when you did get some attention *SIGH*

    I regret posting and debating the need/lack of close-ups, but it was the gun geek in me, that go the better of me.
    In retrospect, I shouldnt have posted more than my initial post here, but the flame (still) burns bright and all that happy BS.

    OP, I really truly meant no offence. I now realize, that we are simply too far apart.

    Maybe a MOD should delete my two post (or the four in the debate), so as not to clutter up the useful PPK gun talk (what little there is until now) with needless back and forth chit-chat about unimportant stuff?

    We shouldnt 'sweat the small stuff' and one really should choose ones battles. This should not be one of them and I for one dont have a problem with the OP - we just dont agree on the aspect of how to post a gun, so as to make it appealing and interesting for those who bother opening a thread and reading it.

    In any event, Im staying out of the thread for good this time, as nothing positive will come from this - certainly no constructive PP, PPK, PPK/S or TPH info

    Sir, you have a fine gun. Congrats.

    Peace out

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    Default Re: Local fresh 1940 PPK Dural

    Really quick note here.

    We are all a part of the same hobby - a hobby that is under considerable attack here in the US.
    There are people whose job it is right now to make any gun enthusiast or firearms collector appear as a social pariah.

    I truly believe we should practice the art of politeness with each other, even if that means no more than; if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing.

    We should act as if we are being observed, which we are, and appear online, like the considerate and well behaved bunch of guys that we really are in person


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    Default Re: Local fresh 1940 PPK Dural

    Guys, cut it out.

    Nice PPK! Got any Hsc's? Those are my favorite...

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    Default Re: Local fresh 1940 PPK Dural

    No HSc's, sorry... I wish. They used to be sort of common, I've had many sweet ones over the years, including the one that I wrote a story about here a while back, that was stolen from me by "friend" dealer at a gun show back in the early 90's... that I later recovered at the Puyallup (Pew al up) Gun Show ;-), but now they are non-existant (locally anyway) and the last time a guy told me he had one, with two matching mags and a holster, he said "I'll never sell it, but I'd take $2.5k for it", which to me means pretty much the same thing? ;-)

    And yes, of course, politeness is very nice, but sometimes a little discord can be interesting? Agreeing on everything could be quite boring...

    And Scout, for someone who "wasn't posting again in this thread" that is a LOT of words ;-)

    If you Google (something I do a lot) the word Scablands, you get this; Scablands - Google Search

    I've lived here for so very long (East coast native), but I have come to appreciate these Scablands in a way that I never thought I could...

    Please don't ask mods "to delete your posts", what's the point? And I understand you consider yourself in a totally different class of gun owner than I, and I'm totally ok with that. I know who I am and am comfortable with it. You can't please everyone, and I'm not trying. I'm true to myself.

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    Default Re: Local fresh 1940 PPK Dural

    A short note for something people should know on the Forum here. There Is an Ignore feature available here. When you enter a person's user name in it, you will no longer be able to see Anything the person posts afterwards. I have used this feature Once and only once, to remove the extremely annoying rantings and babblings of an irritating and disturbing person. Now, I can't speak for anyone else here, but when a person's posting continually insists on being Deliberately upsetting and annoying, I Do know that this is Not what I come here for. It is akin to watching a TV show that you Really Hate and upsets you. Why? It is not necessary. The Ignore feature solves this problem entirely. Generally, I consider myself a fairly patient person. Many posters on here, for example, are not from my own country and things like this have to be taken into consideration. Perhaps it is just their manner and the way they normally speak, is all. Once you get to know them better, things usually level out just fine. However, when the poster that is the concern Is from my country, it is more difficult to explain or understand pedantic and intentionally childish rantings. I give everyone the benefit of a doubt, but sometimes you simply can Not make things good. When diplomacy fails and a person runs out of options to keep things smooth, it leaves no other choices available. Having said that, unfortunately, I do think it's time that I add my 2nd name to the Ignore list.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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