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Local fresh 1940 PPK Dural

Article about: Local fresh, supposedly the best things are... I'm not even that crazy about the Dural myself, I prefer plain old steel, I like the way it wears and I've never been too fond of the two tone

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    Default Local fresh 1940 PPK Dural

    Local fresh, supposedly the best things are... I'm not even that crazy about the Dural myself, I prefer plain old steel, I like the way it wears and I've never been too fond of the two tone look, but hey, you can't be too choosy anymore these days ;-) One look at this one and I knew I'd be forever feeling stupid to have passed on it. Sorry about the somewhat dark gloomy pic, 3pm looks like late evening these days, dark... and gloomy.

    Local fresh 1940 PPK Dural

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    Default Re: Local fresh 1940 PPK Dural

    I should have realized how boring one of these can be, yawn... The energy here just bowls you over sometime, the excitement people express over even the mundane... Of course I don't have 4 MP40's or a $10k SS outfit so who cares... and why do I care I even wonder, to waste the time to share here? I had wasted more of my time with another pic, better light today, actually used my Nikon for a bit better resolution and detail, when I logged on here to post it and realized there is seemingly zero interest...

    I really makes you wonder what is this human need to share (it's not like I can get my wife excited about this...), when there is zero response it does seem a bit useless (like the tree falling in the forest making no sound if no one is around). So I must really ask myself, "who cares about this" and let it go, rather than seeming like some poor dolt who needs praise and approval from people who don't have it to give. Maybe I just haven't kissed enough you know what to deserve it, as I know I'm far from perfect...

    But it leaves me sad all the same... in the future I must refrain from expecting to be a part of something here, it's sad to say but the time spent can often have no rewards. The last time I posted an item (in world firearms), and typed up a rather lengthy response to few comments I did very much appreciate, along with more pics posted, the post seemed to end in the Twilight Zone, as if one was speaking to people who are very much not interested, in you, or your experiences, or what you have to offer as a contributor to the site.

    Local fresh 1940 PPK Dural

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    Default Re: Local fresh 1940 PPK Dural

    Good example of the pistol-it should be remembered it is the middle of the week-the site is obviously more active on the weekend-possibly the pics are a little cluttered with other non related stuff but I did stop and look-bought myself a PPK a few months ago (still at the dealers awaiting adding to my licence) but I bought an Ulm 1956 ex West German Luftwaffe example-has the NATO stockcode number stamped on the slide-was considerably cheaper to buy than a Nazi example would be.

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    Default Re: Local fresh 1940 PPK Dural

    I love the little PP and PPK, I had a .22 PP a while back, brilliant for plinking, put a sound moderator on it too, it was so quiet. I've now got a .32 PP (Deac unfortunatly) for dipaly.

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    Default Re: Local fresh 1940 PPK Dural

    Lovely PPK - I picked up a nice P38 and holster this week - have been looking for a PPK like yours for while.
    I am not sure I would be confident shooting the dural framed pistols, having held a few of them, maybe it's just me, lol.
    Great pic too - love the other items.


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    Default Re: Local fresh 1940 PPK Dural

    Beautiful pistol. I have only shot one, never owned one.........


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    Default Re: Local fresh 1940 PPK Dural

    The period finger grip magazine is a nice piece to have just on it's own! A very nice setup you've got! Does it have the holster as well? The Dural's are lighter in feel than the good old steel bangers, but still have a decent heft to them regardless! Is it all matching numbers?

    (and by the way...for what it's worth, we All have posts that sometimes disappear into the ether from time to time...But remember too that this forum is membered by people from all over the World and all different Time Zones, so sometimes it can take abit to get noticed by everyone. And, sometimes, by the time the other side of the planet wakes up and gets on here, the original post has rolled over and gotten lost. It's not Personal, Mike...relax...take a breath...and don't let life get to you-it Will eventually all go down the toilet in the end anyway-why hurry things along? )

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Default Re: Local fresh 1940 PPK Dural

    Ohh, I like that a lot!
    If the gloom meter is not turned up on high, please post some more pics - preferably close ups and in natural (day-)light

    Dont be so bitter; I only stumbled on this right now and Im sure others will comment.

    BTW Try to turn the tables around; we have hugely competent and knowing mods within their respective militaria fields here. Often low post members or brand new members who only join to get the value on a single item get just what they come for. Without as much as a 'thank you' or any feedback at all, they then split never to be seen again in some instances*
    Yet, the 'usual suspects' keep at it on the forum out of a genuine interest for their chosen hobby(interest).

    People can only comment on so much - eventually they will get around to your thread. Dont worry, PPs and PPKs are fairly popular here.

    *This is not a slap in the face towards members who have freshly joined and intend to contribute - new members are after all the lifeblood of a forum.

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    Default Re: Local fresh 1940 PPK Dural

    Thx all, and those are "daylight" pics, there are just varying degrees of daylight available, and sometimes (this week) was very dark and gloomy outside... a very wet week!

    Thx Pitfighter for "Great pic too - love the other items." For me it's hard to understand a pic taken as a composition, as the way things actually look on my display table, as the way things would look in a museum being met with a remark like "the pics are a little cluttered with other non related stuff"... no offense Lithgow, just a difference of opinion?

    What's so exciting a pic of a gun by itself, with close-ups ad nauseum, every possible angle, on a white sheet of paper, in a light box or just illuminated by the correct photo lamps?

    For what it's worth I've been a lifelong photographer, starting before I was ten years old, had my own darkroom by the time I was thirteen in a converted closet with no running water... I much later got an Associate's Degree in Commercial Photography, which I've very much put to good use since then... I'm certainly not above taking some crappy pics, but I do try, and I know what turns me on in a pic, and it may not necessarily be someone else's cup of tea either. I do tend to go for mood shots, rather than the technically perfect but bland...

    Unfortunately my small collection resides in a dark corner of an attic room, not the best lit place even though there are windows, but it makes shooting a little bit challenging unless ambient light conditions are extremely good.

    Anyway, sorry for the usual moodiness... ;-) (I just get pretty excited about this stuff (excited enough to spend crazy money on things I really don't need…) and thx for any comments on the PPK. They really are one of the quintessential German pistols, almost as much as the Luger, IMO. What will the James Bond association later, but they really are something else in their own right, and I think they are usually or often thought of as having been carried by high ranking German officers.

    This one having been private purchase, it's hard to tell the what, who, and where of it, but for some reason it struck me that it may have been an officer's wife's pistol? There was a tradition here in this country to make light carry guns for women, the Lady Smith comes to mind, and why I'm not sure why they made the Dural PP's and PPK's (out of necessity, or just as an experiment?), this one certainly is rather featherlight, while still having some very satisfying heft to it.

    I really is something to behold, and to hold.

    It has a nicely worn D.R.G.M AKAH breakaway holster, with spare mag (Walther banner only, same as the extension mag).

    PS, I really do hope for lively interaction on this [firearms] forum! I love to talk about guns (all guns), that is part of who I am. I have been a lifelong gun nut, as well as having been fascinated with WWII also, so to me it's a great combination ;-)

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    Default Re: Local fresh 1940 PPK Dural

    I think if you were an officer who had to carry the firearm every day, with the likely hood of using it very low - you would choose the light weight version if possible.
    They were not looking for "heft" or coolness, simply pragmatism and convenience.
    Besides the weight of the pistol in the holster could weigh down your pistol belt and off-set the symmetry of your uniform, lol.

    Every new recruit wants the LMG, until about midway through the morning.


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