Has anyone seen (Or did you buy) this LongBranch STEN? The seller states

' The 9mm Sten was mass produced from pressed metal parts as an urgent production for the British War effort. Only 17,000 Sten MK II's were made in Canada by Long Branch. This is a great condition OLD SPEC (1990) WW2 1943 dated MK II Sten Sub Machine Gun. This MK II weapon strips, cocks & dry fires, with a nice crisp action. It has the manufacturer's stamp and date 'STEN MK II LONG BRANCH 1943' on top of the magazine housing. The bottom of the magazine housing is stamped ' 2L 5777'. The T Bar stock is stamped 'M.L.L.' with War Dept Arrow. It is complete with an original magazine and webbing sling. The price includes UK delivery and deactivation certificate. D 1265'

SOLD *** SOLD *** RARE ONE OF ONLY 17,000 MADE, OLD SPEC ,Canadian Long Branch, WW2 1943 Sten MK II 9mm Sub Machine Gun & Sling. D 1265

Where does this figure come from? The gun listed is serial number 2L5777 which would be the 25,777 gun produced and I own one in the 9L range and I believe they go on to 15L so thats at least 150,000 guns. I've nothing against this dealer, and most make similar mistakes, I just wonder where they get the figures as most of the reliable and accurate info is freely available on the web.