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Looking for SA M1 Garand SN 2860035

Article about: It's that time of the year again that I re-energize the search for the M1 that my dad was issued at Parris Island in June 1946. SN is 2860035. Maybe this will be my lucky year!! Please feel

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    Default Re: Looking for SA M1 Garand SN 2860035

    Quote by COLT 1911A1 View Post
    Good luck with your quest Mark...You know, many thousands were given to Greece as MFA by JUSMAG around 1950s. At present time, only the Navy, Airforce (both at bootcamps) and Presidential Guard are utilising them. A lot have been sold back to U.S. after the greek forces adopted the HK G3 in 7.62x51mm AR. You can still see them on the shoulders of the PG at the unknown soldier monument in Syntagma square, downtown Athens...
    Regards, Thanos.
    Thanks, Thanos! Other people have been lucky and found Garands that their fathers carried - maybe I'll get lucky one day.

    We've been enjoying the decision by the Greek forces to adopt a new rifle - many of the Garands have come back here through CMP where they are offered for sale at very reasonable prices. I hope to pick another one up soon. They have checked their database of serial numbers twice for my dad's Garand with no luck. And, I have purchased 4 Garand bayonets that came back with the Greek returns for my collection, too.


    COL, U.S. Army (Ret.)

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    Default Re: Looking for SA M1 Garand SN 2860035

    Don't give up hope,
    I read a story some years back about a WW2 vet who found the M1 he carried in WW2 at a gun store. Funny thing was he wasn't really looking for it, he bought it on the spot.

    Can't remember how long ago it was, or what publication it was in.......

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