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Luftwaffe Double Barrell Flare Pistol

Article about: Hey guys, recently picked up this Luftwaffe double-barreled flare gun. I don't know a whole lot about these but overall condition is pretty good a good deal of the brown brownish finish is s

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    The factory code gpt is for Gustav Bittner Waffenfabrik in Weipert/Sud.
    Those are neat pistols. I have one of each typ of WW 2 German flare pistols including a brass kriegsmarine variant.

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    It is neat, when I saw it at the auction it was mixed with all manner of random old guns. every guy who went past the table picked it up and started playing with it. I had no cell service. But I was confident it was good to go. bidding opened. and ended with one bid, I was shocked. it was a very good day. its a great piece and it menacing as hell to boot. if someone is becoming involved in shenanigans, they see the business end they would probably leave post haste.
    once I got it home. its amazing great engineering, quality functionality its awesome.

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    I've been cleaning and oiling my two Flare guns for the last couple days , now if the sun comes out I'll take some shots . I have a WWI German with battle damage and a British No 3 Mark I . I thank you for making me oil them !
    Cheers Chris

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