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M1 Carbine newbie...

Article about: My cousin Marco got in on the action as well:

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    Sorry I haven't posted here in a while, guys...

    I swear... these things multiply!

    Someone owed my dad some money, and instead of a cash payment, the guy gave my father a Std. Products carbine and a hunting rifle. The carbine came with a plastic tactical stock and metal foregrip. My father gave the carbine to me and I promptly went to Numrich/ Gun Parts Corp. across the river and picked up replacement USGI furniture for it. The guy at the parts counter said the stock was used post-war in Italy... it has a rack number painted on the stock which looks pretty cool. I shot it and IBM carbine yesterday in celebration of Independence Day! Nothing like American milsurp! MERICAAAAA!

    M1 Carbine newbie...

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    What an excellent way to celebrate July 4th:

    M1 Carbine newbie...

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    That is a great way to celebrate the 4th M1 carbines and cigars! They do seem to multiply I have three now myself. Its one of my favorite guns because you can shoot it all day and not get tired. Cheers, Robert

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