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M1 Carbines

Article about: Which manufacturers do you have, and which are you missing?

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    Which manufacturers do you have, and which are you missing?

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    Wagriff, 30 rounders fire good if GENUINE USGI, the problem is the world has been flooded with imitations and fakes made by other countries with a few Carbines and sometimes they do not work so good. Talltom, Flash hider programme started late 44. Approval for production was granted on Sept 27th 1945 after many trials and mods. Was intended for M2 use, but mainly, as far as I can gather from the evidence available, for the T3 programme which was part of the sniperscope, night vision equipped M2. Got more info available but I am a "newbie" here, not sure what I can and cannot do. Thanks for a great forum guys. Mike.

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    I've got one of those flash hiders laying around somewhere. It came on a reproduction M1A1 carbine I once owned.

    Mikey, you are pretty much free to do whatever you want here, just keep it respectful towards the other members and militaria-related for the most part. That and don't violate copyright protections. lol

    We'd love to see some other firearms of yours, if you have any!

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