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M1 Garand Collection

Article about: Really nice to see such an iconic weapon,thanks for sharing........

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    Really nice to see such an iconic weapon,thanks for sharing........

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    Very nice Garand collection you have there.

    I specialize in M1 carbines and Lugers.

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    Good looking rifles.

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    Quote by MarkV View Post
    Love that "ping!" This is a video of a Korean exchange student who was visiting with one of my nieces. She wanted to fire some rifles and pistols so we brought her up to my place. Here she is shooting one of my Garands - the last two rounds in the string of 8.

    Well, that didn't work. Trying to link a Facebook video - says it is supported, but it won't show. I'll have to work on it.
    It is fun to introduce new shooters to the sport. I have had a few young women that have never handled a rifle before just fall in love.

    Thanks to all for the knd words.



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    Love them! really nice collection!

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    Just a quick story owned one nice M-1 back in 1972 it was a Winchester and unknown to me that was the make my father had in Europe in WW2 (Saar Mossle Triangle) when I brought it home his jaw hit the ground as he said "Hell mine was a Winchester let me see it" immediately he said it was not his as the serial no didn't match even after 22 years he still knew it I know many WW2 vet that could still tell me their serial number well into the 90's. Some stated they had to be careful with the ping as the Germans could hear this in a firefight and know when you had to reload. Love looking at them kind of wish I would have kept one I have a good friend with several to shoot. timothy

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