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M16A1 Rifle

Article about: Thanks for that anwser Dave. I had always thought that only AR-15's were sold to civillians not the M-16. Now I have to have one, thanks alot Burt

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    Samnev, That's what I thought too. I have never seen a "civillian" M-16 without the auto selector. How cool is that That's why I have to have one now.


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    It looks just like the one I had in basic, and had to qualify with the rest of the time, I humped an M-60 most of the time. It looks like they pulled out the guts of the lower reciever, otherwise the hammer would be sticking up with the weapon on safe, the AUTO is under the safety lever, if you can flip it to semi, you should be able to see it.

    Samnev is right, they had to make alot of changes to the original M-16 to make it work in Viet Nam. It was touted as "self cleaning" with the powder they had originally planned on using. During the seige of Khe San in 1968 they found a Marine patrol that had been ambushed just before the battle, and alot of the Marines had the guns open with a rod down the barrel. They had been trying to clear a stuck case. After this was discovered, they added a forward assist to the upper reciever to aid in closing the bolt, chrome lined the barrel, and changed the powder to aid in cleaner burning. This rifle was designated the M16A1. In the early 80's they again updated the rifle, adopted the SS109 cartridge with a 62 gr bullet, the rifle twist was changed, the sights were improved, and the rear sight was made to change both windage and elevation, even though elevation could still be changed with the front sight post, and the full auto feature was dropped and the 3 round burst was added, this was the M16A2, the front hand guards were also changed from triangular to round.

    I added some pictures so you could see the physical difference.

    M16, you can see no forward assist, the rest is pretty much the same

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    M16A1, with forward assist

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    M16A2 with round handguards, improved rear sight, and updated pistol grip, and brass deflector

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    Cheers Guys for the input very interesting to say the least!!! I think Ive learnt more on this thread than I have in the last 20 odd years playing around with the weapon amongest others too!!! lol. It does sound like I have a different type of rifle here... I did say to the Missus I thought it was missing a selector!!! But I wouldnt of know this much about it. it would have been 1 of those shrug your shoulder episodes!!!.. So thanks again lads very interesting 2 thumbs up, Terry.

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    Tango, Can you post a picture with your weapons safety in a different position so we can see whats below the safety switch? I don't think there is anything there, that makes this one very interesting, it brakes all the rules. Others have said there should be a FULL under there. I agree. I have never seen a M-16 without FULL in this position "off safe". I wonder if this was made special by Colt for the British Govt. wihtout the full auto option. I've seen lot's of AR-15's like this but never a M-16.


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    The British army used the original M16 model without the bolt assist plunger-as to the AR 18 this was a complete redesign so it could be made by countries with limited engineering capacities as the AR 15 did use advanced manufacturing techniques-it never sold as a military weapon though.

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    Burt panic over.. I cant move the safety catch being that it is a new de-act. But I got the Missus to take a photo of the safety catch close up as best as you can!!! & it looks like to me the word AUTO wrote underneath!!!! could be wrong but it looks like it to me!! So it is just a boring old M16.. But I like it so Im happy. thanks for all the replies guys its been interesting. Terry
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Click image for larger version. 

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    What I find extremely strange is the 'birdcage' flash hider. These are typically
    seen on Colt AR's from the late 1960's through the 1970's.

    A rare semi-auto M16A2 version here.........!


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    I always thought it sad, that the brilliant Eugene Stoners firearm got such a bad rep through the actions of lesser minds.
    Some of that bad rep still clings too.

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    well done on this thread with great comments,one day i will own a nam m16 one day,dave

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    Tango, my friend.
    It doesn't matter if it has auto or not, it's deactivated, still a amazing weapon, sexy too!
    I like the grip on the M16A1!! (the grip belowe the barrel)

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