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M16A1 Rifle

Article about: Thanks for that anwser Dave. I had always thought that only AR-15's were sold to civillians not the M-16. Now I have to have one, thanks alot Burt

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    very nice, i remember lugging one of these around the jungle in Belize in the 80's these were more reliable in the humid conditions of central America than the good old SLR

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    ....or it could have been even worse; you could have been stuck with a SA 80.
    What a horrible weapon. At least until HK straightened it out. Ohh, the irony!

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    Quote by Normandie View Post
    Tango, my friend.
    It doesn't matter if it has auto or not, it's deactivated, still a amazing weapon, sexy too!
    I like the grip on the M16A1!! (the grip belowe the barrel)
    Do you mean the revised horisontal fore-end on the M16A1?
    Or a vert grip (pistol grip), because that aint standard on the A1?

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    Cheers Guys its a nice weapon so Im happy with it..Rob I had the A2 when I did selection in Brunei... better than the SA80...the SLR before my time I joined the Army in 1987 Infantry so it had already gone!! Cheers Terry

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    the sa80 was just coming in as i was leaving. I had a bit of a play with it when 40 Commando were first issued it, they like me were not very impressed to say the least

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    The SA80 wasnt that bad I used it for around 15 years it wasnt great but I didnt know any better!! Then I moved onto bigger & better things I ended up with the C8 an excellent weapon!!!! Terry.

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    I was just about to say "Not bad as compared to what - a rock!?" but then I read the rest of your post... :-)

    The COLT is of course the original and best, but the C8 you had was made by DIEMACO which now been taken over by the aforementioned company and is now COLT CANADA, so theres hope for them yet.

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    Hey Tango, where in Lincs are you? Anywhere near Sleaford?

    I've had a look at your M16 and I'd agree it looks like it does have the Full Auto markings under the lever.

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    I'd bet it was a full auto receiver...have to be marked M16A1. The vast majority of M16's I handled when in uniform were marked AR15 , US Gov't property and of course all select fire. I have a Sendra Corp AR I bought the year before I went in the helped me a great deal with familiarization and being able to shoot expert in boot. I'm on my third barrel in 25 years... it's been fired alot to put it mildly.
    I hated the A2 when they took away my A1. To me a heavier rifle , goofy 3 rd burst junker with a dumbed down bullet. When I collected ammo I had some 1963 dated M193 cartridges that were originally supplied to vietnam with the early AR's sent there for the GB's and such. Those early bullets sported a considerably more pointed ( and more lethal ) bullet profile. The M193 when ramped up for mass production was made more blunt to increase die life as the more severe pointed original bullet caused die life to be rather short and harder to manufacture.
    The 1/14 twist was changed to 1/12 as cold weather testing found the 1/14 twist rate made unstable bullets in the cold weather environment.
    I recall the first M249's I used were all belgian made...half the ammo was FN and all the tracers were FN at that time.
    The 62.5 gn M855 bullet shot straighter and longer but to me it's effect on things living was marginalized...and I feel vindicated as everyone I know that has had to use the A2's in Iraq and asscrackistan told what a worthless pill the M855 was...and more so when coupled with M4 . Already a slower bullet in the A2 and slower yet in the shorter barreled M4...what was uncle sam thinking ?.
    A question on your M16A1 DEAC - what do they do to the lower ( receiver ) of that rifle to DEAC it ?. They weld up the fire control group ?. Is the upper removable from the lower ?.

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    Three shot burst is actually an excellent idea, as the standard trained soldier will mostly hit sky with full auto.
    You were in the Army - I thought only the USMC had the three shot burst feature?

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