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M16A1 Rifle

Article about: Thanks for that anwser Dave. I had always thought that only AR-15's were sold to civillians not the M-16. Now I have to have one, thanks alot Burt

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    Gew88 Im sure I wrote this once !!! but it must have gone somewhere else!!!. The rifle I havent held yet as I work away from home so the Missus Aly has been showing me on Skype!! It looks like the bolt is welded into place as with the safety catch that is welded into the safe positon!! You can break it into 2,remove magazine, cock it but the bolt stays where it is "forward"..I havent looked into the TMH lower reciever, so I cant tell if the hammer is back or there at all?. & I presume the barrel will be filled with most. Thanks for all the info very interesting Ive learnt loads on this thread alone so cheers guys .Terry.

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    Quote by Scout View Post
    Three shot burst is actually an excellent idea, as the standard trained soldier will mostly hit sky with full auto.
    You were in the Army - I thought only the USMC had the three shot burst feature?

    I'm no fan of the three shot burst mechanism. Clearing "tight" spots and or delivering suppressive fire in gobs instantly is not practical with the 3 shot burst insanity.
    When they took away our A1's and gave us A2's in the late 80's many were brand new FN made rifles and ALL were 3 shot neutered. The USMC paved the way to make the M16A2 the standard issue rifle for all US forces.
    Withthe Adoption of the M4 they kept that 3 shot feature only to now in the past 2 years modifiy the M4's in service to M4A1's ( full auto - no more 3 shot burst ) as the overall 'new' standard. Though the USMC still issues M16A4's ( basically an A2 with flat top receiver and that rail system excess ).

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    great choice ! I am a huge fan of them.what is amazing is how popular this rifle's platform has become. theres never been a weapon as cool and as modular as this one,IMO. In the US the AR market is unbelieveably popular! today its high tech,with state of the art cnc machining and accessory options are endless. flat out bad ass.even the fudd's have accepted it as the best all around choice for hunting now,developing variants of all kinds of calibers. the history and story of this gun is just as good as it gets.

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    I know this thread is a little old but I figured I would weigh in some anyway. Your rifle is definitely assembled for auto/burst, as can be noted by the sear pin just above the word "SEMI", on the semi-auto versions there is no hole/pin there. As far as I know there has never been a semi-only M16, but there are full-auto AR15's, though most AR's are semi-only. The first AR15's had FA capability and reasonably rare.

    In most states in the US you can legally purchase/own/fire an M16 like the one in this thread....but man are you looking at some big bucks. A registered receiver/sear/RDIAS (basically the three main ways/parts you need registered to be compliant with US NFA laws) start at about $9-10kUS and can go double that if it is something special.

    Tango, if you can get a picture of the lower internals we can determine most likely if this is simply FA or if it ha\s ever been changed to offer burst, depending on what was left in there during dewat.

    Hope some of that helps. The pin hole above the selector is the first thing I look at whenever I see an AR or M at the range or anywhere for that matter.

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    Cheers Mr ThatFALguy I will look at that when I get determine what I have!!! I didnt think it was anything special!!! cheers Terry.

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    Hi FAL guy, In post #26 it shows the FULL option. I think some missed that part. It is a M16 with a 3 position selector.

    Happiness is a belt fed weapon

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