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M1916 Berthier Carbine

Article about: Hello Friends It has, as usual been too long since I had time to post, but I came across this last week in a local auction, now carbines are not usualy my cup of tea, but Im airing to collec

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    Hello-as requested my Berthier M16 carbine-no cleaning rod as these were removed in the large scale post WW1 rebuilding programme done by the French-other side of the receiver is marked 'MAC 32'-unusually it has the 3 round Mannlicher type mag of the earlier M1892.
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    A very nice rifle indeed . The wood looks especially good. Found the sights on these rifles to be far better than the German 98k. Easy to see and line up, even at a fast glance. The trigger is also quite fine for a military rifle. Though the straight shape seems strange at first, the release is quite good (no creep & a crisp break). An overall short and very handy carbine.

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    Hi Lithgow

    Thank you for the pictures, it looks a lovely example with cleaner lines without that extra 2 round mag adaption. I wonder why my example (also non cleaning rod) does not have M16 engraved onto it? parts job maybe at the refurb? Would be nice to put a few rounds through one but Ill have to just take your word for its handling Paddywonka


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    Quote by lithgow View Post
    Hello-I think they are quite elegant little weapons that served long and hard all around the world-I have a Model 16 Berthier carbine but it doesn't have the 5 round extended mag-is yours rendered inoperable and do you have the long knife bayo for it?
    Are you sure you have an M1916 if you have a 3 round clip?, From reasearch i did into this weapon, all Mannlicher Berthiers post 1915 had a 5 round Enbloc clip, I own a Mannlicher Berthier M1892, which is identical, except for the clip size, mine has 3 rounds. it kicks like a mule when i fire it, but very accurate :-D

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    Heres my M1892, the previous model before the M1916, and it still fires!!!, if you want to know where i got it, look in the forum under "Attic and Barn finds" under the name "A rare find" all of it is original, even the brass tipped cleaning rod.
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    Hello-if you look at the posted pictures above you will see my carbine's receiver is marked Model 1916-made by the private manufacturer Continsoura-the rest of the carbine was assembled by Chateaurelleaut-the weapon has some of the post war modifications including the removal of the cleaning rod and modification to the higher powered N round-the French had somewhat chaotic production and alteration programmes-most statements on them are generalisations with plenty of 'exceptions to the rule' occurring.

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    Thanks for the pics Berthier, nice original example! From the bit of surfing I did on these I think Lithgow is right by saying the refurbs to M1916 were a bit chaotic and haphazzard....who can blame them lol. Does anyone have a decent pic or even own the long infantry version (even though many carbines were issued to infantry)?


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