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M1917 American Enfield

Article about: Interesting twist... A local gun shop near me has two for sale... a Winchester and a Remington... both mint. HOWEVER, they came out of a VFW and the stocks are painted white. I really have n

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    Default M1917 American Enfield

    Hi folks!

    I am looking to add a M1917 American Enfield in 30.06 to my collection. Is anyone familiar with these rifles? If anyone can offer advice on how/ where to pick one up, things to look out for, etc. I'd greatly appreciate it!!

    To the best of my knowledge, the vast majority of soldiers in the American Expiditionary Force in WWI were armed with these rifles... They continued to see service with home guard and rear echelon troops in WWII.

    Of course, I am looking for an "un-messed with" example... Unfortunately, these rifles were a favorite among post-war hunters to "sporterize"... SO, finding them in full USGI configuration is kind of a chore...

    M1917 American Enfield

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    Hard to find in good condition-these were well used as training rifles by the US in WW2 and were also supplied to US allies such as the UK (Home Guard use) and the Free French and Nationalist China for operational use-were supplied to South Vietnam as late as the early 1960s-about the same size and weight as the average ARVN soldier!

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    Hi Joe,if you ever find an original rifle and you want to make it look pretty I have a copy of " Bubba`s Best Buggerizing Book" all you need is a beltsander and a hacksaw...
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture M1917 American Enfield   M1917 American Enfield  


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    Usually best to pick rifles like this up through reputable military gun dealers !!! thier are a good number i know of one my friend buys rifles from but the name is not coming to my mind i will post if i can remember !!!

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    zwerge-"The Horror, The Horror..."

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    Default Re: M1917 American Enfield

    I have one with a date 1918, it shoots great & is not

    - - Updated - -

    I have one with a date 1918, it shoots great & is not

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    Default Re: M1917 American Enfield

    It's hard to find one with an original ww 1 dated barrel. Most of the ones you find still in the original military config have early 40s dated barrels, due to being re-issued to our allies. if you find one with a red band on the fore stock, that would have been used by the UK Home Guard, they did this to differentiate from the P14s in .303 cal.

    Finding one, try online, gunbroker, auction arms is the site I stroll through on occasion, they have a fairly decent C&R section. Check out as many gunshows as you can.

    Century arms "sporterized" a huge lot of these back in the 90s, it's a pretty strong action, so they made a lot of cheap hunting rifles out of them. That cut down on the number for us to choose from.

    47th MP Co/47th Inf Div 1983-1988
    583rd Ord Co 59th Ord Bde Muenster, W Germany
    Looking for P37 ammo pouch with No4 bayo frog

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    Zwerge... I am so saddened by your post.

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    Thanks for the help gentlemen! I am talking to someone on gun boards who has one for sale... I am also going to speak to the propitiator of my local gun shop. That guy has a fabled warehouse that has treasures beyond belief... Hopefully he has exactly what I'm looking for.

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    I agree with Stinkpotpete. Try to find one with a WWI dated barrel if you can. Don't be concerned if it is a Remington, Winchester or Eddystone. If you find a Winchester, the most desirable make sure the bolt handle, and stock are marked with a W. The bolt handle will be marked on the underside, the stock on the front. As noted Gunbroker is one place to look for the rifle but I have seen a few at gun shows. Unfortunately they are asking outrageous prices for a nice unmolested 1917. Good luck in your hunt.

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