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Matched byf 44 K98

Article about: Hey guys,I am slowly venturing into firearms. obviously Third Reich, lol..... I am being offered two different K98s... this being the first... as far as I know, everything matches. A friend

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    the dot actually looks darker in finish,imo.....I know byf is the most common, dot is the third most common. Why pick the dot, just because of it being not so common? The dot is missing the cleaning rod, no sling, and looks like there may be a few small dents in the stock. Seller assures me they are vet bring backs.....I know, believe the item, but he is a friend,I trust him, but I will still look for import marks.
    If the BYF is truly in better condition then I would take it over the DOT. Main thing could be the bore. Corrosive primed ammo back then you know. If they are bringbacks I would try to get one as they are more collectible. Don't mean to be a pain but thought some haggle advice would save you some money. Check Gun Boards Forum or GunBroker as the prices being ask for questionable Kar98s will blow your mind. Hope you score one of these from your friend for a decent price. Again let us know and good luck.

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    Also Newbie if you can try to get a copy of Backbone of the Wehrmacht off Amazon. Understand from others may contain some errors concerning production figures but its a good place to start.

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