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Matching P38 for review.

Article about: Hey guys, Really like the look of this p38, please excuse the terrible pictures. I couldn't save/steal the pictures. Just wanna make sure it looks 100% original. Here is the link for better

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    I agree with Sarge, they are normally on the high end.

    You can join the P38 Forum and find great collectors that occasionally sell well priced guns with inspection privileges.


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    I bought mine about a year ago (yes on the isle of man we can shoot pistols, just like grown ups) I paid substantially less for it than what your one is up for. Date manufacture is June '44 all matching numbers, and is it me, or do they shoot crap! but they sure do give a thrill

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    The barrel is not solidly attached as on the Walther PP or P.08 Luger, so I don't think you can expect the same accuracy. I imagine the condition of the bore has a lot to do with it too, pitted bores with less than perfect rifling don't shoot as straight.

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    Well good to here it looks good, I have never purchased anything from Simpson's... They seem to have mixed reviews. But as everyone knows you can't make everyone happy.

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    Danny, you got a lot of good advice about the pistol, just remember there are more where this one came from. The p38 is a great pistol l own a few myself, it is desirable but common. 800.00 is on the high end for me. A ac41 or 42 all matching that would be a different animal and would be a 800.00 pistol easy. Marty
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    Don't'll still need a holster...

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Yep, you need a holster and spare mag, that can really bring the price up. But then again, those things can resell on their own too.

    As far as dealers go, Legacy Accessories has a lot of nice stuff , Kurt is great guy, and I have found him to be fairly reasonable.

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    Thanks for the tip on legacy! Going through thier stuff now.

    Any feeback of them?

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    Exacty what tank and sarge said.. $800 if matching numbers and in that condition. I think you will be hard pressed to find one cheaper.
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