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Article about: I have no idea where to post this here, as i do not see an Mauser K98 section. Mitchell's has 6 K98's , that they claim has SS markings, and with the Totenkopf death head stamping on them, t

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    Default Re: Mauser K98 SS DEATH HEAD MARKED RIFLES

    I agree, i hate these asswipes that fake and item, and try to pass it off as originals, and know it , Its different if they was duped, and they still dont know its a fake.

    But for someone to take a legit item, and try to add markings to it, to rip people off, really piss' me off.

    Thats the reason why i got out of collecting WW2 items years ago, i got ripped off by a supposedly well known collector, and i found out from the guy that sold it to him that he knew it was a fake.

    But now i'm back, and trying to build my collection up again.

    Thanks for the info.


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    Default Re: Mauser K98 SS DEATH HEAD MARKED RIFLES

    Quote by Matt L View Post
    Would a Totenkopf-marked K98k be so desirable to take any chance on? I'd immediately discount any seller who just said 'trust me' and refused to even send pictures- that's a no brainer. And can anyone reference the private purchase so no Waffenamt stamps story? It's certainly logical, but can it be proven or is it just someone's theory? I've seen it way too many times that someone's theory, repeated enough times, becomes fact- those who 'know' it are being perfectly honest when they repeat it, they just never checked so are unaware that it's just a theory. For $6k, I'd want iron-clad evidence...

    @ ostdigger- you're 100% certain that none of the rifles you acquired could have been faked? Certainly discovering an example of something that contradicts a story shows it to be false, but only if there's no doubt whatsoever the example is real. Since eastern Europe is the source of so many fakes, and since fakers 'seed' stuff so that unsuspecting, innocent people will be able to swear the pieces are authentic, there has to be no reason to doubt a controvercial item is real.
    hello there again.looks like this one is exelent growing answer to MATT:ALL THOSE RIFLES AS I SAID I GOT FROM FIRST HANDS IN COUNTRYSIDE. taht,s mean if said white then it,s white,but not read or yellow.-present owners as i remember was:forester,farmer,simply old man whose father pick that up from germans-and kept that piece in home until i came during my countryside travel.......maybe today guys i,ll make special 100km circle for you,visit my friend and make some pictures of real one ss rifle.just to make this thread more interesting.see you guys

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    Default Re: Mauser K98 SS DEATH HEAD MARKED RIFLES

    Try here, total online service for the gun owner and collector

    Go to forums, you will probably need to join.

    Go to k98 mauser forum and have a look around. I think you will soon find that "mitchels" has a somewhat bad reputation. Just run a search and keep hold of your hard earned cash.

    There are some extremely knowledgeable people on there who know mausers inside out, not to mention all other countries firearms.

    5 minutes of your time but will be well worth it, oh and the whole forum is really good too, separate sections for all manner of firearms and topics



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    Default Re: Mauser K98 SS DEATH HEAD MARKED RIFLES

    Hi Brian
    I have a SS sniper 98k with long claw scope.
    It has the capture papers with it with the serial # on the capture document.
    Paid 17k for it last year.
    I have got it put up but will take some photos and post it a long with pic of
    capture papers so you know what markings are appropriate.

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    My original Mauser (GW98 konverted to 98K) with Totenkopf markings
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Mauser K98 SS DEATH HEAD MARKED RIFLES   Mauser K98 SS DEATH HEAD MARKED RIFLES  


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    Does anyone know what these markings mean??

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    The most important thing is 6,000 dollars can buy a lot of nice things for a collection....and there are too many negative remarks and questions about this potential purchase.

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