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Mauser Model 71/84 11mm Rifle

Article about: Enjoy this unfired Mauser Model 71/84 Rifle Manufactured at the Spandau Arsenal in 1888... Cal. is 11mm...BILL

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    Default Re: Mauser Model 71/84 11mm Rifle

    Quote by oradour View Post
    Bill Grist, what a looker !...the model 71/84 a favourite of mine, very expensive here in the U.K. as they have not been butchered (deactivated), as they are classed as 'obsolete ammuntion' and are allowed to be owned as is, i have a G88,G98, both deacs, and a ' obsolete ammo' M83 Reichsrevolver, i shall obtain a model 71/84 sooner or later !....i see your muzzle protector is marked 'B. 2. R. 8.76, ( Kgl. Bayer. 2. Infanterie-Regt. Kronprinz (München) 8th company, 76th weapon, I Bayer. Armee-Korps ), is the rifle so marked.
    When I lived in the UK I seperately bought two 71/84's on gunbroker. They took about three weeks to arrive from the US. No need to worry about them being overpriced in the UK when you can get them from abroad.

    PS, I did not get brass and reload ammo for them, in fact I did not shoot them at all because it was illegal

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    Default Re: Mauser Model 71/84 11mm Rifle

    Mick, i got my Reichsrevolver off gunbrokers, but it was a sale from within the U.K. i was unaware you could personally import firearms into the U.K. albeit 'obselete ammunition' types. Thats correct, as soon as you obtain or make ammo for 'obsolete ammo' weapons, they become Section 1 firearms, here in the U.K. and require a licence, which i suspect you will not be granted these days !

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    Default Re: Mauser Model 71/84 11mm Rifle

    I got them no problem, the postie just turned up and gave me the parcels. I also bought a smith and wesson revbolver in the US and had that posted as well. It was supposed to chambered in 44 Russian. I kept the customs clearance paperwork that was on the parcel just in case but I never needed it.

    PS, I know that this bloke will ship obsolete calibre guns to the UK ....

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    Default Re: Mauser Model 71/84 11mm Rifle

    Mick, thanks for live and learn.

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    Default Re: Mauser Model 71/84 11mm Rifle

    I would think an unbuggered GEW 98 would be worth a fair bit in the UK. There is one on that site chambered in the civilian 8.15 x 46.5 mm, rimmed. Is that on the obsolete calibre list ? I expect it is.

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    Default Re: Mauser Model 71/84 11mm Rifle

    Mick, i have no idea what weapons are on the 1916 DMW G98 is a deac, and not an 'obsolete ammo' gun.

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    Default Re: Mauser Model 71/84 11mm Rifle

    Bill that 71/84 is a beauty. As usual all your firearms are always in excellent condt.
    I met you at the SOS and looked at your mystery MAS 36 rifle, Also a beauty. We talked about the LK5 stamp I have on my MAS-36, Ray

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    Default Re: Mauser Model 71/84 11mm Rifle

    Excellent G71/84 Bill ...


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    Kerry Von Clark

    Default Re: Mauser Model 71/84 11mm Rifle

    I have a Mauser 71/84 1888 that has bronze furniture., is this a standard issue? All others that I have seen are blued steel. Any help would be great.

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