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Maxim 1910 Should I or shouldnt I?

Article about: Hi Reg, Be warned! When assembled, this item takes up a fair ammount of room - and it feels as though it weighs a bloody ton! When I used to have the use of the spare bedroom I had an Mg08,

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    Default Re: Maxim 1910 Should I or shouldnt I?

    Quote by dogdog47 View Post
    Hi Reg
    who is this man?
    i am getting a bit sick of the over priced web sites.
    i know its bad form to slag off the cowboys but we could always promote the good ones me thinks?
    nice maxim though i al looking into getting one before the prices go up.

    Hi Andy, sorry for the delay, Ill PM the dealer as Im not sure his other dealer chums would like him too much. I will post the names of the dealrs I have found to be realistic with prices though, but bear in mind that they are in business after all and everyone needs to earn a living.

    Rytons (I think Tony Budge has left a great legacy in that many collections became more than just one-off noveltys due to his affordability)

    Helston Gunsmiths (usually shot-through well used but realisticaly priced and good to deal with IMO....and Ill be nice as Ild like an M53)

    Saracen Exports (Fair prices and friendly......and usually keeps some fair priced Maxim 1910s, thats where mine was from)

    Huw Williams (Despite only advertising top end stuff, occasionally keeps some nice pieces for we plebs who prefer and can only afford mass produced war-tatt)

    There are othrs too that air on the good price to " much??" scale

    Im not sure if im contravening any forum rules on typing this, if I am please delete the post and tell me.

    Good luck on the Maxim hunt


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    Default Re: Maxim 1910 Should I or shouldnt I?

    iv being selling my collection off for a while now and am left with a mg53, hotchkiss and a maxim, im planning to sell one other it was going to be the hotchkiss probs but if a senscible offer was made on the maxim i would probably go for it if your interested? if this is breaking the rules on this forum i do apologise and remove or inform me please.

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    Default Re: Maxim 1910 Should I or shouldnt I?

    Hmm What sort of Hotchkiss is it please?

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    Default Re: Maxim 1910 Should I or shouldnt I?

    the certificate says light machine gun- hotchkiss mod 1926
    country of origin france
    calibre 7.92

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    Default Re: Maxim 1910 Should I or shouldnt I?

    Quote by Reg View Post
    Sorry its taken so long gents, finally got the old girl together in my new shed, rest of collection following soon.

    What a great looking 1910 Maxim. I own one of the 6 original 1910 Maxim's in the US, or so I have been told. There are a number of 1910's built on 08 side plates as well and they are great MG's. Every time I take it out to a shoot every one wants to shoot it. The only time it has stopped in the 7 years I have owned it is when it is out of ammunition. I to have never found a reasonably priced cloth belt and use the metal link SG 43 belt. My 1910 doesn't look any where near as nice as yours. About 6 years ago the 1910 parts kit complete with the Sokolov mount were imported here but have since dried up and a very pricey.

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    Default Re: Maxim 1910 Should I or shouldnt I?

    Thanks Sam, now very jelous as my M1910 is deactivated lol. I have found a more peaceful use for it as a useful weight for clamping glueing wood but Ild prefer it in its original guise Lol.

    Just out of interest, how much would a round cost for you guys, im just wondering about the economics of owning a maxim ? Nay....dreaming

    Best wishes

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    Default Re: Maxim 1910 Should I or shouldnt I?

    Actually I am jealous of your beautiful 1910 and its Sokolov mount. Whien parts kits were available in the US, the mounts were no where near the condition of yours. As for the price of 7.62X54R it now runs about 17-18 cents US. I was lucky as I bought a lifetime supply of 1417 grain Czech silver-tip (in my opinion the best 7,62X54R) when the price was 6 cents a round US. Ammo prices have doubled and in some cases tripled in the last 4 years.

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    Hi Guys,

    How rare are these wooden Sokolov mount crates?
    I have the M1910 on a Sokolov mount - I am interested in the storage crate.

    I don't see them much here in the US - are they available in the UK any easier?

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