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MG 42 Genuine?

Article about: Hi all,this is my the body original german? it have the AA scope mount + the AA sight,but i cannot read the markings!!

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    Quote by severin View Post
    Hello lallop, Yes the body is WW2 German, you have a Steyr made 42. In the picture taken of the top rear of the receiver is the waffenamt code WaA623 this is for Steyr. Also in the picture of the left rear of the receiver, below the '3' in the serial number 5053b you can the letter 'z' and to its left the top part of the letter 'n'. This is 'bnz' the manufacturers code that Steyr used on there 42s until late 1944 when it changed to 'swj'. Also if you look above the serial number hopefully you will find the date code, and it will be date coded and not dated, 42s made in 1942 and early 1943 are dated, not date coded but your serial number in the 'b' block is too high (5053'b') so you are looking for the following date codes above the serial number, 'GZ' mid-late 1943, 'PJ' 1944. Jonathan.
    Thank you very much for this usefull hint!!,so this could be a mg from 1943 to 1945?!

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    Hello lallop, Have a look at my post again, I have added a picture that could help you out. Your 42 was made between mid 1943 and late 1944. The serial number is too high for it to be any earlier, and if it were made after late 1944 it wouldn't be manufacturer coded 'bnz' because Steyr changed to 'swj' late in 1944. Have a really close look above the serial number (they can be very faint at the best of times) for 'GZ' 1943' 'PJ' 1944 to pin point the year of manufacture if you can still see it. The picture I posted will give you an idea of what and where you are looking for. After all that may I say a very nice 42 you have there, and we like a bit of that! Jonathan.

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    oook,i will search for those codes tomorrow with the sun : )
    thank you for informations
    i have a last answer for you,in your opinion is better if i clean the mg or i leave it like that?!

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    Hello lallop, Most, if not all collectors would say leave it in its original condition, and I understand why. But if it were my 42 I would clean it and try to get her looking her best. At the end of the day it's your call and it's up to you. Jonathan

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    Jonathan is wright but in my opinion rust has to be removed because if you do not remove the rust the quality of the gun becomes worse.

    From the receiver characteristics itīs definitely a PJ gun (1944). no holes - short step - long tripod mount

    See here:


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