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MG 42 identification

Article about: mail from my friend : yugo modified in mg 42, because of the rivet. His forum créer un forum : MG34 MG42

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    Default MG 42 identification

    Hello everybody, is this mg 42 original??? there is something unconvincing in the serial number..
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture MG 42 identification   MG 42 identification  

    MG 42 identification  

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    I see what you mean - Gustloff serial numbers are usually 3- or 4-digit followed by a letter, with year of manufacture above.....

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    Good looking MG none the less.

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    I'm looking in the Myrvang, there is not the year FG or MU, why P and the serial number is hight, I ask to my friend who have the MG forum.

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    It's seems the aiming part is darker that the MG ?

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    Might just be the not super pic, but the rear sight does indeed look blued/parkerized as opposed to the rest of the metal on the MG, where the finish looks thin to nonexistent.

    Would be nice to see hi-res close-ups of the MG outside in natural light, but thats just me.

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    The higher serial number for dfb is 9317 in 1943.

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    No, no, and no again.
    Nothing right at all with the markings, wrong font, 5 numerical digits in the serial, plus the already spotted missing date code.
    The elephant in the room is the big fat rivet on the barrel release door, this can only be from a M53 as it looks like a large flat head screw on the Mg42.
    Which is what I humbly suggest we have here, a Yugo M53 dressed up as a Mg42.

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    Makes sense.

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    thanks everybody for super fast information!!!

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