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MG34 with the FBI

Article about: I think IMA had Sokolov mount the last time I looked. I had a second one when I bought my parts kit but sold it off but I still have a spare armor plate.. If you can find one I am 99% sure t

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    Default MG34 with the FBI

    This is me trying out the MG34 with a group of FBI agents, on their range.
    It uses TNW internals and has a remanufactured receiver to only shoot semi auto, it is not convertible back to full.
    (It is also a registered assault weapon.)

    It's been in my collection for years and never shot, so I thought I'd try it out.
    Worked great with 1955 Yugo - 1960's Yugo
    Failure to fire with Equadorian - which was lucky because when they did fire in my K98, they seemed horribly over powered.
    Obviously avoided Turk ammo - read any of the forums on these semis and the Turk ammo accounts for many damaged semi 8mm's.
    Tried some West German 1960's ammo - fired but failed to cycle.
    Slipped some wartime German 1943 ammo through it successfully.
    Found some Romanian which it ate up hungrily.
    About 350 rounds total, as the weapon became carbonized, we had some sear issues, so I felt that was a good time to put it away.

    Almost all of the 15 or so FBI shooters with us including two females shot the MG34 and had smiles on their faces.

    It is a DOT 1944 front end, almost all matching, where it doesn't match the offending number has been X'd out and a matching serial electro penciled in.
    The belts were 1937-1940 dated.

    The TNW semi system appeared to work great, although at times it felt like a long delay between trigger release and ready for battery - the tolerances are very exact with the MG34 and by about the 250 rounds mark, there was a carbon build up and it did affect certain aspects of the mechanism function (much to the amusement of the spectators) - even with an oil and wipe down.

    It did work better we found; if you used two fingers on the trigger, in the upper and lower positions, full and semi, and squeezed in that manner, as opposed to a single finger liker a regular rifle.

    Apologies for the bad hair day, lol - should have kept the hat on!
    I am shooting bowling pins, hence the massive aim adjustment.
    We tried it on the 250 yard range it... Let's be kind and say it was more fun on the short range.

    I did try the G33/40 on the long range and was very impressed with the results from the short rifle, but that will be another thread -- it did not kick any more noticeably than the K98 we had, so that is a myth put to bed.

    As the day wore on, and the carbon built up...

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    Good info. Thanks for sharing. Did you need to change barrels afterwards?

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    There's that word again..."assault weapon."

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    We weren't shooting particularly rapidly - so there was enough time to cool the barrel, without warping it.
    So no barrel change.

    The word is what the word is:
    As this SA/MG34 is in the state of CA it had to be registered in Dec of 1999 because of it's configuration - that configuration deemed it an "assault weapon" by way of the CA DOJ ruling -
    There is an old political saying; "So goes California so goes the country."
    These laws will spread, your .22 squirrel rifle will soon also be an assault weapon, so remember to vote.

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    Look where I live. This state is doomed. It's going to surpass CA in liberal silliness.

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    Ooops - yes, you are correct.

    It does look bleak in your state.

    Oh well - here's a pic to cheer you up, lol.
    (I have had screenplay folders that have less pages than my permits and licenses folder.)

    Land of the free, as in, it is free if you can afford it and qualify.

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    I have a collectors license, but I lack the funds to really put it to good use. Right now its mainly buying up ammo. I was at an auction today where 192 rounds of 30-06 ball in sealed tin was going for almost $200 per can. Bass Pro shops are now selling 150 rounds of anything at one time per customer. It's going slow but ammo is starting to become more available.
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    I say New York and Chicago have the most strict gun laws. Hmm...arnt those the most dangerous places to live in the USA? Mexico banned guns to place. 60,000 dead civilians in the last two or so years.
    I wish we had it like Switzerland .

    Read my signature.. It says it all.

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    My Class III DOT 44 MG 34

    My Buddy Shooting My MG 34 On An AA Tripod

    On WW II German Lafette With MG 34 Optics

    Me Setting Up My MG 34 And Vickers For A Shoot

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    Here is what you need.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture MG34 with the FBI  

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