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mg34 mount?

Article about: I was gifted this today by a longtime neighbour that has a farm nearby. This farm was occupied by the german occupational forces during ww2 and they apparently left behind quite a bit of equ

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    Default mg34 mount?

    I was gifted this today by a longtime neighbour that has a farm nearby. This farm was occupied by the german occupational forces during ww2 and they apparently left behind quite a bit of equipment after the surrender...he told me that they even used to have a bunch of helmets in an old outhouse but they just threw those in the trash when they tore the building down...
    Anyway, would this have been for a set of mg34's? Looked but couldn't find anything similar...

    sorry about the rotation of the image...imageshack just seems to do that automatically for some reason.

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    Default Re: mg34 mount?

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    So no one has seen anything like this before..?

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    Hi slados28,
    It looks like a part from an airplane's turret IMO.


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    Possibly for MG15s, or mg 42s The MG34 had a different sight mounting system....BILL....

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    Looks like the aircraft mount for the twin MG 181 used as a defensive weapon in bombers-note air to air sight ring-probably salvaged from a crashed or derelict plane-a fairly common thing for ground troops to do for extra firepower-also many of the Luftwaffe rifle calibre aircraft MGs were transfered to German army use as they were no longer effective in air to air combat late in the war.

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    Thank you for all the replies...! Could this possibly be put together or possibly be the complete mount for twin mg 15s (or MG 81s?) in a JU 52? One of those planes crashed not that many km from the farm where this was stored for all of these years...That particular JU 52 was a transport plane though ( from Transportstaffel 1./KGr.zbV 108 See), did these planes even carry mounted MGs?

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    Yes they did-depending on the period and job that the aircraft was doing-usually just 1 MG15 mounted in an open position on the top of the fuselage but could also include 1 in a small turret above the cockpit, 2 guns 1 each side though the side windows and a mounting under the plane-it's more likely that your mount came from a frontline bomber or Stuka J87D divebomber. What country are you in?

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    I'm from Hommelvik in Norway (between the city of Trondheim and the Værnes airport) which had a seaplane harbor both before, during and after the war. There was a light Flak unit stationed down by the harbour with AA guns and bunkers, this mount came from a farm situated some 3-4 km from the harbour itself though..

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