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MG34 (Opinions?)

Article about: Hi Everyone, I just purchased this relic MG34 and was wondering what you guys think. These photos are from the seller; I will post more detailed photos when it comes through the mail. Thanks

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    The problem you have is that your standard of deactivation (dewat I think you call it) is entirely different from that allowed in Europe. I doubt if the gun even has a certificate.
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    Confiscation would be my worry. In my country,
    the receiver is likely the only part that wouldn't
    make it in. It's commonly the part with the
    full serial number and capable of
    chambering rounds.

    Is there a way to go through a firearms dealer
    to act as a licensed importer.........?


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    To be a dewat in the USA the receiver has to be cut through, usually with a blowtorch. I do not think that the weapon, even in its condition will be a legal import. They may just confiscate the receiver.

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    Hi I think $3000 is way to much for the MG in that condition here in the uk that kind of money would buy you a very good deactivated example, and also as said there is a massive grey area when it comes to the status of the MG it may well be stopped and checked buy your customs which may lead to confiscation or even worse , is there any way you can pull out of the deal and source a better one in the US this wouid avoid any potential import problems and IMO get you a much better deal for your money..

    Cheers John .

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    Sometimes you have to live through others. Down here we can but dream of owning something like this.
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    this price is fool, for mine, I paid 1800 € 3 years ago! In good condition and dea.
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    Without the proper paperwork it is very likely that customs will confiscate your relic with the possibility of cutting it for legal ownership reasons or outright cease and destroy it/ additionally if it has not been cleaned well enough US quarantine will examine it and possibly confiscate it for bio-security. Next time it would be good to look at the legal implication and also use a freight forwarder or armory importer. Since 2013 all imports from Russia outside of small parcels are x-rayed so there is a very good chance this will get pulled up.

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    I will be interested to see how this turns out.
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    Hi everyone,

    I have contacted the dealer and he has assured me, albeit in broken English, that the weapon can be safely imported: "Troy hello! MG34 is no longer a fighting weapon! This is the layout of the mass marker. MG34 can razobratsya gather again! MG34 can not shoot. I'll get him [his friend who sold the mg34] the documents to the police that this is not a firearm. This MG34 was found near Moscow, in 1941 fighting the battle for Moscow. So do not worry". He went on to say, "I sent earlier, the MP 40 in America. All came with no problems". So I guess I'll just have to wait and see...

    With regard to the price I paid, it is admittedly extremely high. However, I'm obsessed with the Eastern Front, and the idea that this machine gun comes from Russia and may have a lot of history attached to it is extremely pleasing to me. I would much rather have a weapon that may have been carried by a landser on the ostfront than one that may have sat in a factory for the duration of the war, regardless of condition.

    Best regards,


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    A lovely relic, these do not pop up very often --- I am too in the market for a relic mg34 or mg42 (more common) and there's not many being offered out there (at least not online)... certainly not mg34s. Again, talking about relics here

    Yes, it is indeed very expensive but it looks really nice and complete either way--- so if you have the dough and want to add a nice rare relic to your collection... why not.

    Hope you'll be OK getting this through customs, I know these things can be a hassle --- as noted, the rules vary greatly from country to country and some are stricter than others --- I have personally had no problems with relic guns here in Norway but I know the US is different.

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