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Mg42...all ok??

Article about: Hi all..i'm unexpert on machine guns...i'd like your impressions on this deactivated MG42 dfb(Wilhelm Gustloff-Werke) see yugo or post war parts?? Many thanks and best regards Luca

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    thanks...but this one was described as total german pre 1945 weapon...and the price was very high... so it's a postwar machinegun? thanks a lot again

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    Agreed. A postwar Yugoslav M53 re worked to make it appear like an MG42.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Quote by SRB View Post
    M-53 is not fake, it's after war yugoslavia made mg42 and just change name in m53,some time used parts from (damaged) mg42 on m53.
    in each case very nice machin gun
    Hello SRB,

    An M53 is not a fake you are quite right, but this is an M53 that has been made to look as if it is a WW2 Mg42
    which it is most definitely not.
    The markings on the receiver are fake Gustloff Werke. They were in the c to j block in there serial numbers in 1944 (MU)
    this guns serial number is in the a block, so it should be date coded FG for 1943, not MU. Plus the font is all wrong.
    The top cover however looks original WW2 German, the rest is a doctored M53.
    I hope these pictures will help illustrate what I mean.
    Mg42...all ok??
    Mg42...all ok??

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    that is ok ............... im just commented on ''fake'' m53 and clear that has there were some things like use parts mg to other machin guns - for example m53-(also we use complete mg34/42 after war......plenty of ww2 weapons export the late nineties).
    maybe someone abroad used these pieces to make them presented him as MG34 parts and increased the price at sale.

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    hi all and thanks for your help..this gun has been bought by another person who asked me to remove these pics...i don'tknow the reason and how should i do this...many thanks

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    no i would not remove the pics, why did he buy it when he clearly knows it a fake post war gun?

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    You know, originall WWII MG's are now very rare.
    A driend of me was looking for one, from banr, finally he bought one MG 42 from 1944, wwith yougo markings. Also some yougo parts, it's one MG of poor man.
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    he's convinced that ,except for the handle,is all original...mah.... i dont' see the reason to remove...

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    Your door is yougo

    there is no screw.
    The best Militaria forum in France is here :

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    Sounds like the seller is trying to have you remove the traces of his deliberate dishonesty --- of course, everything stays... anything else would be a disservice to other members/collectors and a waste of site bandwidth. Good luck finding a good one though! Tried ?

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