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Mg42 / m53

Article about: Hi there, I'm trying to help a friend with some research, Can anyone help me with these markings on this M53? Regards Archmoco

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    Default Mg42 / m53

    Hi there,

    I'm trying to help a friend with some research, Can anyone help me with these markings on this M53?

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Mg42 / m53   Mg42 / m53  

    Mg42 / m53  

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    Default Re: Mg 42/m53

    Hi, and welcome to the form.

    The carving to the butt is a representation of the Croatian National flag.

    Other markings are the standard Yugoslav ones: calibre, serial number, arsenal markings etc.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default re: MG42 / M53

    Hi Ade,

    Thanks for the reply. In the last photo there is a number 29X11943. Would this indicate the weapon was built in 1943? Would this weapon have seen WW2 service ors is it a post war time era?


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    Default re: MG42 / M53

    Hi Archmoco, the Yugoslav crest and date of 1943 has nothing to do with the date the gun was made.

    The M53 was made from the 1950's as the name suggests. It is simply a post war Yugoslav copy of the MG42. There are slight differences between the two guns: the M53 does not have the mount for the AA sight and the barrel shroud has a slightly different taper to it.

    Other detail differences are:

    MG53's have a tab on the top of the barrel door
    MG53's have different buffer thread pitch so they won't fit German MG42 buttstocks
    MG53's have different grip panel mounting locations so they won't swap with an MG42.
    MG53's have the barrel door latch riveted on / German MG42 is screwed in place.
    MG53's have different markings for the safety catch than the MG42.

    They are good, well made, guns, and if you need a cheaper display option than buying a wartime gun they can be a good buy. In the UK an orignal MG42 will cost about 850 upwards, while an M53 can be bought for 350.

    Cheers, Ade.

    PS> I suspect your gun might have seen service in the Yugoslav civil war in the 1990's: the carved Croatian flag in the butt is typical of stuff done then.

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    Default Re: Mg42 / m53


    Would you know of any good web pages where I could read up on Yugo weapon production?


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    Default Re: Mg42 / m53

    Hi Archmoco, sorry I cannot recommend any websites to you. All I can suggest is you do a search.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: Mg42 / m53

    29.11.1943. is day of republic of yugoslavia-birthday.

    archmoco, if you don't like butt, we can change for the same one!

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    Default Re: Mg42 / m53

    Sorry, for the late reply, dont check the computer often. Thanks for the offer, I will forward to the owner.


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