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MG42 relic

Article about: Congratulations I wish I get one som day Regards

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    Congratulations I wish I get one som day

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    WOW ... im so jelouse ! you are lucky !

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    Great piece to start with!
    Always looking for Belgian Congo stuff!

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    Thanks guys, now I'm looking for 2 drum's and a carrier...(in relic condition) So if anyone has that, and will sell send me a pm

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    Is it works??
    Was it complete when you got it?
    Show more pic of details.
    Any markings??

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    No it dont work, and the bolt is not there, and the pipe is deact as it shell be... I dont wish any truble whit the goverment here, we have extremely hard rules here in Denmark when it com's to this kind of things

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    Yep, in Poland we have "hard rules" too. :/

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    is this MG for sale!!!???

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    Very nice!! Some more pictures please??

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