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MG42 v MG3

Article about: I'd like to have one of these on my jeep sometimes ... YouTube - .50 browning

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    I'd like to have one of these on my jeep sometimes ...

    YouTube - .50 browning

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    As I heard MG 3- it's a more slow works than the MG 42 in action, but both was a blank shot

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    i think original MG42 rate of fire was about 1200 rounds x minute, whilst MG3 and MG42/59 is about 1000/1100...

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    I think MG 3 is a bit slower than PPSH by sound, PPSH I think 700 r/m

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    Man the .50 M2 is really something. However, when you lay down behind your first MG34 or MG42 that is something you will never forget. You close your eyes, grit your teeth, and just hold on. Oh, and yes there was a stupid silly grin on my face when it was over.

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    [QUOTE=Ben Evans;there is not alot of difference between them, QUOTE]

    Hi Ben
    Booster, flash hider, feed tray and barrel are different. I can get some pics of the parts later if you have a specific question.

    I agree with you, the MG42 was never broken so why fix it. The 7.62mm conversion (MG1, MG1A1, MG3 and other variants) are OK as they did not change much of anything except calibre. I think the heavy bolt versions had some problems but I forgot what they were.

    The US should have copied it directly like Rheinmetal instead of building the M60. It would be nice to have a barrel handle for changing when hot. I like the high rate of fire but it does require discipline in combat.

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    Copdoc, I used the M60 when I was working with a joint UK/US unit based in the UK, to be honest I did not really like it, compared to our GPMG it was to high maintenance and the top cover was horrible just my MO

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    I used to own both a MG3 made by EBO of Greece under license from Rheinmetall and a MG42. The two are basicaly interchangeable(I placed the bolt and barrel from the 42 into the MG 3, and visa-versa, and they fired just fine). ROF on the MG3 is the same as the MG42 if you use the 550 gram bolt, if you use the heavier bolt the ROF drops to 900 RPM. There was one significant improvement made in the 42 and that was an anti-bounce lock to prevent the bolt from bouncing out of battery while firing with catastrophic effect.

    I agree the M60 is a POS. I used to own three of those and I HAD to have them because at a movie shoot it was guaranteed that one or two would fail. And this with meticulous care. I actually recieved a letter of commendation from a Battalion CO from the 91st ID after I helped them rebuild their M60s prior to a tactical excercise(they were the only unit with 100% serviceability for their weapons).

    I have had basically every GPMG out there and the MG3 is by far my favourite. It can be fieldstripped in 6 seconds, a barrel change is acomplished in 2 seconds, even when they break they keep shooting(I had one movie shoot were the sear broke and the actor had to just hold on tilll the belt ended, he couldn't twist it hard enough to stop it.


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    I'll bet it's almost 100% that we should have just copied the MG42. I am not sure how they fielded the M60 with all the problems. Just poilitics I guess. Keeping 3 to make sure one running is about par.

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