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Article about: I think it's the original Czech Republic had a rifle stg 44 in his armament until 1950 ... and Mark is the lion In the E46 and it took over from the Czech army would be a better photo

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    mkb42/43 MAGAZINE mp 44 ......MAGAZINE

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    Nice collection begining,
    If you start a "sturmgewehr" magazine collection, they are 12 different markings:
    -MP 42 (HS)-(very very rare), -Mkb 42 (bb)-(very rare), -Mkb 42 haenel-(very rare),- Mkb 42-(very rare),- Mkb 42 u. MP 43-, -Mkb 42 MP 43-, -MP 43-, -Mkb 42 MP 44-, -MP 44-, -MP 43 MP 44-, -Stg 44-, -Stg 45-.
    The magazine marked -MP 45- is very rare and the opinion of an authentic marking or a fake is partaged.
    Actualy you can find copy with the same markings, and tchekoslovakian magazines marked -Stg 44- with 1946 date.

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    MKB magazine 42/43 is a rare?Thank you for the information

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    There are also East German made mags marked "MP44" and maker coded "1001" to collect.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    The manufaturer code are:
    aqr = R&O Lux Metallwarenfabrik
    fxo = C.G Haenel Waffenfabrik
    qlv = ERMA code WaA28Q
    ayf = Erfurter Machinenfabrik
    gqm = Loch & Hartenberger Metallwarenfabrik
    qlw = Adolf Grohmann & Sohn code WaA892
    bte = Frankische Eisenwerke AG
    jvd = Erste Nordbömische Metallwarenfabrik
    qlx = Unknown
    CHN = Gebr. Reinhold Maschinenfabrik
    kur = Steyr-Daimler-Puch AG code WaA815
    qnw = Unknown
    cxt = Waasia Ofenwerk Recke & Co
    qlt = Unknown
    tbv = Steyr-Daimler-Puch AG code WaA815.


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    Mkb 42/43 is current


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    Want to buy?

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    Hi machal,

    I collect MP Magazines, but im living in France and the law is very hard, sorry.

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    and tchekoslovakian magazines marked -Stg 44- with 1946 date.
    I have a qlw WaA892 marked StG44 mag which also has the Czech E46 marking on it which I picked up for virtually nothing many years ago. Is this likely to be a genuine WW2 mag that has been reused by the Czech's or are they Czech mags with fake WW2 markings on them (I've been told this may be the case?) - anyone know anything about these?

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