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Article about: 5 posts up, terry posted a pic of his Mk1 I'll go take some photos of my 43 inglis, 45 inglis and 42 daimler so you can see the diffrences.

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    hey dave thanks for the info and comment! thats what i wanted to hear its not illegal! but bad news on not being able to sell it in future as i am not into collecting these things but hey ho it eats nothing i suppose!

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    IIRC the main difference between the MK I and the MK II is the MK I has a round dial site rather than the ladder site on the MK II, the bipod is different and the barrel front end is different. There may be other differences but I don't recall. For example I don't know if the Mk II takes the monopod. I have a fully functional 1942 dated Inglis Mk I* Bren and the Anti Aircraft tripod. That tripod is nice because I can shoot the Bren standing up.

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    Chaps, the deac cert has no bearing on the legality of the deac gun. You can own, buy, sell, and transport without a cert, its the markings that are important. If you would like a cert, just book an appointment with the London or Birmingham proof house and they will check it and issue another cert, no need to go through a dealer or 3rd party.

    1943 is the first year Inglis made the Mk2, if it has a 6T prefix to the serial, its a very early Inglis Mk2. Unusually, your gun has a British Mk2 barrel and Bipod fitted, the Inglis Bipod was identical to the mark one but with non adjustable legs. It looks like the deac job may have been carried out by Ryton arms looking at the way its been done.

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    M3 bobby heres my bren gun,sat in the war will have to excuse the dogs butt.. but he was sniffing my new m36 field blouse!! Cheers Terry
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Bren.jpg 
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    m3 bobby
    as far as i can see from the original pics
    every thing is as should be for an inglis gun ,,bipod is good ,,barrel is good ,,????
    but ,,and lower group is as should be ???
    spiked foot ,non adgustable bipod
    evry thing looks as it should be ??
    i dont understand why you think things are wrong here
    and do you have a problem with ryton
    allso the mk2 bypod has nothing in common with the mk1 adjustable

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    Hi Terry,

    It looks like a 1950s Lithgow refurb of a Lithgow 1943/4/5 2nd pattern Mk1*. The barrel is probably a Canadian Mk1* as Lithgow didn't make that style of barrel, they went from the early Long Cone flash hider to the Mk2. The Bipod is also a scarce early Lithgow version, not to many of this type made, they soon changed to a local pattern bipod which was a cross between the normal Mk1 bipod and the canadian mk2 but using British pattern Mk2 feet. These Lithgow FTR'd guns are the closest anyone will get to a mint condition Bren, hence the British Army buying some in the 1990s for demonstations.

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    The bipod is a British Mk2, a inglis gun would have had a mk1 type bipod but with non adjustable legs. The Inglis Mk2 barrel had a key way on the underside to help locate the barrel, this was omitted on British Daimler/monotype Mk2s. At the end of the day, all parts were interchangable and most were repaired/rebuilt with parts from different marks, its just nice to know where these parts originated.

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    sorry M3BLOBBY where did lithgow come into this
    its an inglis gun
    and totaly correct
    sorry mate you are very wrong on this one

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    Default Re: MKII Bren

    its a totaly corect inglis gun
    all its parts are good and correct for what it is
    an inglis 43 gun
    correct barrel correct bipod
    evrything is correct
    and the brits didnt buy them for bemonstration
    we didnt need to we had hundreds of them
    into the 80s every caddet unit had at least 2

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