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model 98 barrell codes

Article about: Hello, I am getting a K98 rifle with the visible stamp on the barrel ar 43 and above that it appears to have stamped "469 or 42?"

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    Great link, very in depth info, much better than What I had on the dou dot series.

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    good afternoon, sorry it to get the pictures of what I was speaking about. The stamp of "469 or 43" is what has me stumped it is between the distance gauge and the ar 43 stamp.model 98 barrell codesmodel 98 barrell codes

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    I posted 2 photos for you review

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    Swazbird looks like it got in a fight and lost... Numbers are probably a code/date, post war arsenal refurb markings, or just a mystery.

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    This is an "ar" 1943 rifle (Mauser Borsigwalde); the peened off waffenamt leads me to believe that this is a Yugo rifle, reworked and denazified postwar. The number on the barrel should be a lot or batch number, the makers usually had letter codes.

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    all of the other eagle/swas are unmolested and in perfect shape

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    Quote by tinley View Post
    all of the other eagle/swas are unmolested and in perfect shape
    Then, they could be just some scaratches. About the barrel numbers, I'm pretty sure it is a Borsigwalde production code, 42 being the year. Look at this code: it belongs to an "ar" 41 rifle. A better pic of your barrel, including the waffenamts, would help to understand more.
    Attached Images Attached Images model 98 barrell codes 

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    Looks like the same thing, a barrel production code, with date as it looked.
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    Yes, and made by Mauser Borsigwalde itself (instead of sub contractors).

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    Glad this subject was brought up. Thought I read Borsigwalde made their own barrels. My 1940 has no visible barrel code on top but could be stamped on bottom of barrel underneath the stock. Not about to take it apart. Thanks for input from all

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