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mosin nagant

Article about: Scroll through this page, it'll show you all the Izhevsk markings to look for: Russian and Soviet Mosin Nagant Marks

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    Default mosin nagant

    Hello people just thought I would show off my bargin rifle I picked up dated 1943 got a couple of ammo pouches with the rifle as well sorry I couldn't get all the rifle in one picture!
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture mosin nagant   mosin nagant  

    mosin nagant   mosin nagant  

    mosin nagant   mosin nagant  

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    Nice find Great rifle to have in a collection. Marty
    Fortune favors the brave 644th td

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    Nice rifle you have picked up i like the M,N i have a 1917 model and a carbine model dated 1942, they are great for the collection. Your is in good condition by the looks of it good luck on you next pick.

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    Thanks for the comments guy im very happy with it! I may part ex it for something else yet for a machine gun or something.

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    Very nice rifle, its got some good smooth wood on it too. Mine is a 1943 but its a little more beaten up.
    Great rifles to have though, you can never have too many of them.

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    Hi Ben,
    totally agree you can have enough rifles in the collection i am thinning my collection down to make way for more rifles ect, I favourite are the enfields, i have five at the moment plus others, my 1917 MN, has a few battle scares but it has been there so looks great.

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    Very nice M1891/30. Do the serial numbers on the bolt and butt plate match as well (including Cyrillic prefix)?

    Based on your location, I assume this one is deactivated. What a shame! These things are fun AND cheap to shoot.

    BEWARE: Collecting these is addictive... I have 4...

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    Yeah all matching serial numbers,and yes its got to be deactivated for me to own it unfortunately!

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    Is everything Izhevsk marked?

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    There's so many marks on this rifle in not 100% sure what im looking for??

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