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Mosin Nagant 91/30 markings?

Article about: Can anyone tell anything from these markings?

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    Most markings are unknown as to their significance. the square with a bisecting line is a common soviet REFURBISHMENT mark. You will likely find this on the stock someplace as well but it may be bisecting diagonally instead creating two rectangles [|] and [\] (the best I can do on the computer!).

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    Also this is perhaps the MOST common M91/30 an Izhevsk from 1943 (or was 1944 more common?)

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    Yeah i saw the refurbishment markings on the site toten posted, seems my rifle and also bayonet has been refurbished at some point.

    Thanks for the replies meyerse

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    Nearly all the mosins in Soviet hands at the end of the war were refurbished. Those aquired by Finland after WW1 were also often modified to some extent. Probably the 'most original' have come from client or satellite states. Those sold to Spain during the civil war, for instance, can be found unrefurbed but are also often in rough shape. Some of rifles from Finland did end up fairly original (a recent batch of scope/mountless snipers recently were sold and I missed them!) and some PU-snipers from Yugoslavia were fairly original as well. They are out there, but the VAST majority of 91/30s you are going to find have been through some refurb or modification process.....

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    OH further, many of the original rifles which predate the switch from the 91 to the 91/30 were also for instance finding a mostly original M91 Dragoon or M91 Cossak is actually quite difficult. I have one, but it was in the hands of the FINS who did very little to it (even has the original solid round bands) those in soviet hands were modified to m91/30 configuration......

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