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Mosin Nagant Identification

Article about: Hi guys - I've been fortunate to aquire a 1942 Mosin Nagant - Armoury refurbished and all matching numbers. Given my fascination with all things military I was wondering if anyone can tell b

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    Hi Chris

    With reference to your comments on the SKS and AK, Ild like to share a word or waning to fellow collectors about a certain aspect of these two rifles, I have a de-activated example of each and have spent some time building up accessories and nick-nacks. I was inspired to seek and add one of the small rifle cleaning kits kept in the butt of these rifles.

    I purchased a couple from the states for about $3 each, they arrived soon after and in my eagerness to add them, promptly jammed them both up the respective hoops of the rifles, the problem comes with trying to extract them, now the wife doesnt approve of my hobby so any tinkering is usually done in a rush before im rumbled. Getting curious and attempting to remove the cylinder I found it rather a tricky affair, as there is a return spring deep in the butt that jettosons the cylinder out! somehow I jammed my thumb between the cylinder and trapdoor in the butt...only some rapid left handed un-screwing of the butt plate of the AK saved a lost thumb nail as it was getting painful! I know im a nugget, and that these weapons are made for untrained consctipts but just thought ild add that word to the wise. I left the one in the SKS butt and thats where it will stay!!!

    I should really stick to my Mosins....far more simple!

    Best wishes
    Hi Reg - been there and done that on too many occasions ha ha. There 'appear' to be a couple of types of cleaning kits out there with differing lock lids. Choose the wrong one or, (in my case) put the tube in back to front and you're in a world of hurt. These days I keep the kits at a safe distance from my rifles and if I do have an urge to put an appendage in this bizarre wooden 'Chinese Finger Puzzle', I generally poke a piece of flat wood in there first to test the water.

    Re Mosin nagant - and whilst I've got your attention...Is this rifle below, which I'm thinking of acquiring, any more 'collectable' than the 1942 std war-time version I've got?? (it's 3 times the price of my first one but only a quarter of the value of a 'modern' long range synthetic rifle in the same cal) Thoughts please??


    Moisin Nagant / Izevsk
    All numbers matching
    As new condition
    Barrel 10/10
    Hexagon shaped receiver.
    Dated 1931/Georgia arsenal
    ATI skope mount and bolt handle(new)
    Konus skope 3-12x40 zoom (new)
    CALIBRE: 7.62x54R
    SIGHT: Rear: ladder, graduated from 100m to 2000m.
    MAGAZINE CAPACITY: 5 round non-detachable magazine
    STOCK: Wood
    FINISH: Blued
    NOMINAL WEIGHT: 8.8 lb
    AMMO: 7.62x54R
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Mosin Nagant Identification   Mosin Nagant Identification  

    Mosin Nagant Identification  
    Attached Images Attached Images Mosin Nagant Identification 
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    Default Re: Mosin Nagant Identification

    Hi Chris

    Wish ild mentioned the kits on the forum before I dallied with em

    The rifles been fiddled with a bit in its time for sure, the scope and bolt handle are retro-fitted but if you shoot live regularly and enjoy it then go for it, its certainly not original and some would mark it down for that! and depending on the wear on the bore will of course affect its accuracy.

    The original mosin snipers were hand picked bacause of their individual accuracy from the production line and stamped "CH" on the reciever, and as you will probably know two types of scopes were used, PEM and PU, (one long and thin, the other short and thin)

    Price is a tricky one, but I would'nt have thought it would be as accurate as a modern scoped rifle if your thinking of serious sport. It would be fun though


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    Hi m8.

    Yeah its an Ishevsk all right got the same stamp on my Mosin nagant M1819 dated 1943, i got a forced match butt plate and a few dings here and there good to see more mosin nagants.


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