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Article about: Hi, Just a quick email hoping someone on the forum can help. I was on the range today with my MP.5, I have not used it much since I got it and it needs to be zeroed in a little. I am looking

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    Default Mp.5

    Just a quick email hoping someone on the forum can help. I was on the range today with my MP.5, I have not used it much since I got it and it needs to be zeroed in a little. I am looking for the elevation adjustment tool that fits into the top of the rear sight enabling it to be adjusted one way or the other. Does anyone out there have one? I literally need it for 5 or 10 minutes on the range and could return it or according to price would be happy to purchase one.
    If anyone can help please email me at
    All the best from Jersey,

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    HK sight tool | HK rear sight tool
    Do you mean this?...
    It's a wasted trip baby. Nobody said nothing about locking horns with no Tigers.

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    I think that is the right tool, it goes inside the circular drum of the rear sight and presses on the two detents allowing the drum to be turned either up or down. Thanks for sending the link.

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    Hi Gunny,
    Thought I would treat myself and tried to order one. Unfortunately they only send to addresses in the USA.
    All the best,

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    Make one? Is the pic in the link accurate? It just shows a stubby Phillips, or I suppose it is the piece that inserts in the handle of the screwdriver. I think the old M16 tool is very similar? At any rate, if you can't buy one or you don't want to wait, measure the OD of the adjustment screw, find a piece of pipe/tubing in this size, take a file (or Dremel tool) and make the tool. Or much simpler and within most peoples immediate means, find a deepwell metric socket (metrics have more consecutive size variations than standard) and modify the end to make the spanner you need. The will only work if you need to push down on the detents to make the sight elevation screw turn. If there's something trickier about then it's back to the drawing board.

    I know on the old (Vietnam era) M16, you just use the point of a 5.56 round to push in the detent and turn in the appropriate direction, but you can also buy a tool for it.

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    Hi Larboard,
    If all else fails I will have to attempt to make one but my manufacturing skills leave a lot to be desired. Buying a purpose made one is the best option at the moment.

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    Ok, this may be stretching it a bit, but lets see. I am thankful to Gunny Hartmann for the link to the rear sight tool that I need, but have we got a fellow forum from the USA who would order the tool for me and post it onto me here in Jersey, Channel Islands. The firm will not ship outside the USA. I am happy to pay for the tool along with postage up front via paypal. I know this is a big ask but I can't find the rear sight tool anywhere else.
    All the best,

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    I can do it (unless it breaks a law of some kind), but it would be a wait... What about from Germany, isn't HK based there? I see the tool on eBay for $30 shipped to me and it's about that much to ship over there, $25 Priority Mail, prob $15 1st Class. I don't see where it would break any firearm regs.

    I'd still make one if it was me, all done in a couple hours at the most. Here's a 1" deepwell socket I modified to make a take down tool for an older version of the Mossberg Riot Gun.


    Look at this one, they claim it does both AR/HK, if that is the case, the AR tools are a dime a dozen.

    New Troy Industries AR HK Battle Sight Adjustment Tool Steel ST00 Adj 000T 00 | eBay

    Gerber makes a multi tool that has the AR front sight adjusting tool on it if I remember right. Not sure where mine is at the moment to verify. It's US Army issue and comes in a MarPat Camo sheath with MOLLE attachment.

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    This is the Gerber tool here;

    Gerber MP 600 Sight Tool Multi-Tool Black

    Anyway, I don't have a problem getting and sending the tool for you, but like I said a bit of a wait.

    "Good things come to those who wait?"

    I will PM you.

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    Hey D.,

    I can take care of you with this, just let me know if you are still looking for help.


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