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MP.5 fixed stock

Article about: Or Midway UK if You dont mind slightly steep mailing costs Damien

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    Or Midway UK if You dont mind slightly steep mailing costs Damien

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    Quote by AZPhil View Post
    Robert at is a great guy to deal with .
    While he IS great to deal with and talk to, good luck on getting anything in a timely manner. You WILL get what you want but too often not when you expect it.

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    Thanks to those who have replied to this post. The info given and the time it took to post is appreciated. The real top trump forum member in this thread though goes to ThatFALGuy, he certainly has gone the extra mile. He has sitting around at his place doing nothing and is happy to post it onto me free of charge. That really is going the extra mile in my book. Again no other forum can boast such members from within its ranks.
    Thanks Sean your a heck of a guy, and if you ever make to this little Island called Jersey, you'll be on for a German Bunker tour like no other you have ever had.
    All the best from Jersey,

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    Happy to help! I don't post much but I read the forums almost daily for a long time now. I do hope to make it across the pond one day and take you up on the tour!

    Have a good one!

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