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MP40 parts value

Article about: Hello! Annoyed from this ads?   I'm new to the whole idea of owning an MP40. I recently acquired this wonderful parts kit/dummy gun. I'd like to post some pictures to gather what everyo

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    Default MP40 parts value


    I'm new to the whole idea of owning an MP40. I recently acquired this wonderful parts kit/dummy gun.

    I'd like to post some pictures to gather what everyones thoughts and values on these parts were.

    I'm going to be using the lower to rebuild a firing MP40. But the Upper receiver tube is a dummy.

    I'd like to know the following information:

    -Is the sling original? Or not. If yes, what's the value, if not, never mind.

    -What is the value of original Bakelite grips and side panels with original screws? (I'm going to sell these off as I don't want to damage originals when I'm using this in the field of reenacting).

    -As I said the Upper receiver tube is a nice dummy. I don't know if the sight and sight-base is original though. They are blued where-as the receiver is painted black. It's a solid receiver so the bolt cannot move. The only way I think the sight is original is there is a serial number on it. What would the value of this be?

    -I have a shooter original barrel. I know these are somewhat rare, but I don't want to overcharge. (I do not need a live barrel as I am going to use a blank-fire barrel instead).

    -Lastly, is the muzzle nut from an MP-38? As I noticed it has the flash-supressor hook on it. Or did they continue building this on the MP40's?

    I know what I'm requesting is a bit outlandish, but I'd like to get an idea from some experts on what I've got here and what I can resell the un-needed parts for.

    Thank you all very much for your input.

    Photos below.

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    Those rear sights look good enough to take off and use on your post-sample (or registered) tube (if in the US, post doesn't say where you're located) - save you a $100 or so dollars if you have to source one.

    The Bakelite is not very expensive, $200 $300 for the guards, are you expecting to be quite rough on the gun, mine has been through hell and the Bakelite is still fine - but your call, of course.

    I would buy mags, as they seem to be steadily rising in value - I have found out of the 15 or 20 I have owned there is always 2-3 that just don't work very well.

    Shooter grade barrel $300 - $500 depending, I just bought one for $350 -

    Lot of crazy pricing on MP40 parts on Ebay though, so maybe I am low - there are plenty of places selling cheaper.

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    Firstly thank you very much for the response.

    I was hoping to reuse the sight and base. So that's good to hear.

    The Bakelite, well, I'm a WW2 reenact or. I'd hate to break original bakelite. A friend is ordering all the bakelite reproduced in Latvia. (unless anyone recommends a TOP quality source for reproduction bakelite). I'd prefer to sell mine to a real collector. It's in great shape and the original screws would go with it.

    I hear you on magazines, I just figured for reenacting (seeing as this won't fire live ammo) I'd rather risk losing or damaging vigneron magazines rather than originals. But I do plan on picking up some originals along the way for collecting.

    My barrel is in it's original finish and has nice rifling. When I get it off the gun I'll post pictures.

    I'm just looking to find the parts I don't need, a proper home in the hands of a more capable collector. As cheesy as it sounds, it's my job as a reenactor and starting collector to get these soon-to-be priceless pieces of history in the proper hands.

    I thank you for your reply.

    (Also any opinions on the sling?)

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    Another question to, is there a way to strip the magwell, remove the receiver locking knob (underneath by the bakelite) pin, and the front sight assembly pin? Without destroying the pins? If I have to drill out the pins, are there replacements? Any opinions on this?

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    Buy one Vig mag and see if you can get it to work well, before you stock up.

    I have three three that came with a repro pouch and they would take a lot of fitting to work in my MP40.

    Not sure on the locking pins, I've never taken mine down that far.

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    I think you're right, it may vary from MP40 to MP40. My friend tried a vigneron with good luck and his fit.

    I just think a vigneron will be slightly more affordable than using scarce MP-40 magazines.

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