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MP44 pics

Article about: Hi All Just wanted to share some pics of my my deact MP44 I've had for the last couple of years. From what I can understand it was made in 1945 by Erma under the 1945 ‘af’ code, it only has

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    Quote by Decima View Post
    This I think is a modern re-enactor photo. But still cool.
    "Please", Thank You" and proper manners appreciated

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    It is. It was at an event I attended.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    This rifle found by the police, shows what I mean the "patina" of an original untouched weapon

    MP44 pics

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    MP44 pics

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    Quote by vegetius View Post
    A couple of ours! I prefere the FG42 though and as ours aren't castrated we get to fire them as well, (ammunition supply permitting).
    Same with these, all fully working when a demo is required!

    MP44 pics

    Although no one has tried the krummerlauf out!!

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    Awesome collection BlackCat! Premier examples there. Even R/Cs bringing fairly good money and matching examples of K98ks going for large sums of cash here in the U.S. Sure am glad I always held onto my dad's 98k bringback all these years. Thanks for the pics.

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    This is another thread I'm glad got bumped to the top.

    Some beautiful examples shown . You have an excellent collection Blackcat.

    My buddy has one of these and brings it out very once in a while. I have had the honor of being there when he does shoot it. And as member Pre has mentioned the handguards must have been an Eastern front service thought, because when shooting 1 mag the handguards get warm, on the 2nd it is Hot and the 3rd it buring hot!
    But still a very controllable weapon on full auto. Love that Kurtz round.

    The Syrian's really had a stock pile of these. Say's 5000 found.
    MP44 pics

    Thanks for sharing this unique weapon / grandfather of the modern assault rifle

    Semper Fi
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    The weapons pictured are not mine, they belong to the Army!

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    I used to shoot the 43 / Krummerlauf at the Pattern Room until myself and Herb were told to stop. No fun some people.

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    That MKB42W is a very rare one indeed.

    I have a fairly significant collection (MP44, 40, FG-G-type) - but have never seen the Walther variant of the MKB42 in the flesh, thanks for posting.

    The OP's 45 marked receiver is nice - not many were blued that late - most just had the phosphate or lacquer finish.
    Nice one.

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