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MP44 Sturmgewehr

Article about: by Carfin LEWYS Hi Adrian, Very nice MP 44 , congratulation. Some pics of my déact. MP 43, (8204g /44) , Fab: Haenel (fxo). Best regards. Carfin. Attachment 159564 Attachment 159566 Attachme

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    Default re: MP44 Sturmgewehr

    Congrats on the purchase, I would love to see some pictures.....
    Unfortunately since 1968 Gun Control Act there is no way to legally import machine guns, and now
    we cannot import barrels, but I would be willing to buy the bolt carrier group/piston and other legal parts....Cheers

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    Default re: MP44 Sturmgewehr

    will post tommorow at work now
    such a find is once in a lifetime


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    MP44 SturmgewehrMP44 SturmgewehrMP44 SturmgewehrMP44 SturmgewehrMP44 SturmgewehrMP44 Sturmgewehrpics off mp44 and ammo
    ser nr is 8248

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    Nog in een mooie conditie! Is hij demil?


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    niet de mill
    zo als ie uit de fabriek kwam

    fully functional mp44 straight from factory
    barrel is virgin
    matching number and matching magazine


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    Geweldige vondst. Let wel op met de Belgische wetgeving.


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    Lightbulb re: MP44 Sturmgewehr

    It's interesting how the prices of deact MP44s have steadily increased. A German dealer emailed details last week of a nice 1945-dated example for 3,000 Euros ( and I see from his website that it has sold immediately ).

    A far cry from the days ( not that long ago ) when you could have your pick at less than £300.

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    whats the diference of mp44 and stg44?

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    damn you lucky bastard Ade! =D

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    Quote by Kraychete View Post
    whats the diference of mp44 and stg44?
    None. They were simply re-named by Adolf.

    Cheers, Ade.
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