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MP44 Sturmgewehr

Article about: by Carfin LEWYS Hi Adrian, Very nice MP 44 , congratulation. Some pics of my déact. MP 43, (8204g /44) , Fab: Haenel (fxo). Best regards. Carfin. Attachment 159564 Attachment 159566 Attachme

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    Default MP44 Sturmgewehr

    Hi Guys, I thought that you might like to see my MP44.

    I have owned this rifle since 1988. I originally had this as a live firing weapon, but six months after I bought it, the law in the UK changed and all full and semi auto's were banned So I had the sad choice either to hand the weapon in to the authorities and have compensation for the price I had bought it for, or to have it deactivated. I chose to have it deactivated. It will still cock and field strip.

    The weapon came from the former East Germany. Both the mags and the sling are East German made. I have got both mags filled with original but inert 7.92 x 33 rounds.

    The gun was made by "bnz" in 1944. All serial numbers match.

    Cheers, Ade.
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Name:	MP44-and-spare-mag..jpg 
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    Default re: MP44 Sturmgewehr

    Ade I must for definite pop down the M1 and pay you a visit

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    Default re: MP44 Sturmgewehr

    That's a beautiful weapon, Adrian. I can absolutely understand that it was a sad choise to have this weapon deactivated. As I understand, there is still a ongoing crusade against any kind of weapons (live, deactivated and replica's) by the politicians in the UK these days.
    I used to own a deactivated MP44 about 15 years ago, but I traded it away. (something I regret now)
    I see you have two magazines for your Sturmgewehr as well. Very nice :-)

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    Default re: MP44 Sturmgewehr

    Here are some pics of the mags. As I mentioned before these are East German made. They have the makers code "1001" which was for Ernst-Thälmann-Werke, Suhl, Thüringen.

    Cheers, Ade.
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Name:	MP44 magazine 001.jpg 
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Name:	MP44 magazine 002.jpg 
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Name:	MP44 magazine 003.jpg 
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Name:	MP44 magazine 004.jpg 
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Name:	MP44 magazine 005.jpg 
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    Default re: MP44 Sturmgewehr

    Awesome piece Adrian , its realy tought about the gun laws these days , a few dick heads ruin it for the serous collector , still even deactivated its yours and is still the real thing so who cares , cheers Raymond PS i might have to join Ben on that visit as long as he can wait till this time next year . Raymond

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    Default re: MP44 Sturmgewehr

    Very nice ! I remember that crusade in UK: I have brit relatives and my cousin had to sell everything he owned, including some nice handguns his father brought from the war
    Here's not different: until few years ago, .223 and 45 ACP were forbidden calibers for civilians (there was a ridicolous escamotage with .222 and 45 HP ...), 9 mm LUGER still is (we can own 9x21mm IMI ...which is basically the same caliber,but the case is 2 mm longer) and rifles have a limitation of maximum 5 round mags. When I see the threads of our american friends I feel very depressed

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    Default re: MP44 Sturmgewehr

    Hi Raymond, Ben has still yet to visit.

    Seriously, if you come to the UK next year, you would be very welcome to meet up and see my collection.

    Hi Matt, don't get me started on our laws! I know how you feel then the Americans show their items.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default re: MP44 Sturmgewehr

    Thanks for your kind invertation Adrian , i will definitely call in if everything goes to plan , where exactly are in the UK ,cheers Raymond

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    Default re: MP44 Sturmgewehr

    Quote by Adrian Stevenson View Post
    Hi Raymond, Ben has still yet to visit.
    I go on holiday in two weeks, when I get back I will pop down then, at the moment I am spending every minute I can getting my house sorted, I have been doing it up ever since I left the military it gives me something to do, civvie street gets very boring

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    Default re: MP44 Sturmgewehr

    my congratulation!

    sorry, bnz manufacture, is it a Steyr-Daimler-Puch AG?

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