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My Deact and live collection

Article about: Dave, that is a very impressive collection you have there, and those racks are a simple yet an effective way to display the weapons. I would guess you could use about twice again the size of

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    Glad you like Gouldy,its a good cheap way and works a treat,Pitched roof is a little more difficult to work on as the dowels have to be drilled and positioned @ the incline of the cieling or the rifles will drop as you try to gain access to them,Dave(ps best do them 1 @ a time to get the best effect on distance between rifles).

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    nice work buddy, i bought some gun/rifle hangers off ebay, and they dont even go wide enough to fit a bloody rifle in lol

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    My Deact and live collectionMy Deact and live collectionJust a little update on my collection.Small arms now on display.But do have additions to add later date after some refurbs i have collected,hope you like,Dave

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    HARRIER it really is a fantastic display

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    Hi Dave,
    Great collection and very well displayed i know how long it takes to collect weapons like that, ( very envious )
    you have my favourite there brings back some good and bad memories the L1A1 S.L.R, i love it. and the M16,
    carried and fired both, thanks for showing such a great collection.

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    Very nice display !

    Kind regards

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    Many thanks to you all much appreciated.I will come back with other pics .Just in the midle of referb on an all original polo mauser which shows its history.I think its an excavation find and was in a real bad state with rust and pitting and needed a lot of T.L.C.But am trying to bring it back to its former glory with keeping its originality and being what i call an very old deact with most working parts,but will not discharge a live round due to ware on inside of barrel.Dave

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