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My Deactivated weapons collection

Article about: very nice collection you have there Pete

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    very nice collection you have there Pete

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    very nice.

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    Nice collection for sure! My dad has a deactivated Sten that I keep meaning to get pictures of to get more info on.

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    Bravo, Sir!

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    Good stuff!
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    A lot of famous firearms there nice collection! timothy

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    A very nice collection of weapons indeed!
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    Thank you for the kind comments. I've still got a few more items for my wish list hopefully.


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    The Stirling should be an L34 if it's an original silenced version.

    Could you post the numbers of the Brens, I could have some other basic info for them, the MkIII is a 1944 gun with the lower being a modified monotype Mk2 type which was an Army modified replacement part. Does it retain it's original LB serial number or does it have a 4 digit 7 prefix number i.e. 7xxx?

    I just realised the MkIII is an Indian numbered gun, I assume you got it from MJL as I saw It for sale there a few months back.

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