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My first gun, a Mk I Flare Gun

Article about: I just picked this up today for 100 dollars. It is in pretty good shape. I believe these are pretty common, but it looks good with my Air Force items.

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    Default Re: My first gun, a Mk I Flare Gun

    I've had the same problem, apart from both of my parents disagree with me having them. Just tell them the exact details and whats been done to deactivate them and that they are harmless and nothing more than pieces of metal and wood over and over again until it becomes so annoying that they give up



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    I've tried for about a year with my mum. She won't budge. And if I ask one more time she will take my collection away for a month.

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    Hi Bob best to know when you are beaten mums rule the house thats the way of the world.
    if i was you i would collect things that don't couse so much fuss. there is a lot to be sead for a easy home life.
    what about collecting the acsesories around the wepons you want? then when you are older just add the wepon it's self some of the extras are far harder to get than the guns. 100 round drum mag for a bren for instance is very hard to get hear in the uk but brens are easy £250-£350 and they are yours.
    100 drum mag £400+

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    She won't allow anything with a swatstika, or anything that has to do with guns, either than bayonets. I'm not allowed to collect uniforms, becuase we don't have the room(even though I have plenty of room in my bedroom). So.....edged weapons, medals, documents, pictures, and one or two more helmets.

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    bop i understand your mums opinion id not want my kids having a gun either although my mum was the same so i truly understand your frustration , you are forutnate to be young enough that you have a lifetime of collecting ahead of you and im really really pleased to see what an outstanding collection you already have !!! keep going my friend its guys like you that are gonna keep this field of interest open and fresh for the next 80 years RESPECT

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    I Agree dont give up

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    Infill I was 16. I had a gun ban and I guess I understand the reson why because I'f youmeven took it out of the house you clould be I'n trouble my mum says her house her rules ! So I collected medals cap badges ect she has banned me now though on having any guns bigger than a a k47 she says I can buy what I like I just have to get it past her lol

    I wanted to but one of those maximum Russian mounted machine guns I showed her a pic and she was not happy I even said if my sister slipped I'n the shed I'd rent her room lol ...

    That went down a storm !

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