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My Kongsberg M1914

Article about: Could not help myself. I just had to make a little display of my M1914. The red paper is shooting instructions . Check the year of production

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    Thanks COLT 1911A1, and that's exactly what i thought too. I'm planning on buying a holster and 4 magazines when i get some more money.

    m3booby, I'm guessing you are talking about Henrik Rask? Those Colts look nice, but I have an eerie feeling about some of them. What interests me the most about his things are the Welrod and Flammenwerfer.

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    Oh and another thing; is it deactivated like PREST1s? But again it's really nice to own a piece of history itself !!!
    Regards, Thanos.

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    Yeah, it's deactivated.

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    Quote by m3bobby View Post
    There must have been a large amount of the 1914s sold to trade recently, there is a guy in Germany who is selling about 8 of these and I know of one in the UK for sale also.
    NVS (Norwegian weapon historic sosiety) sold out a very large number of these in spring 2010. i bought 2 but i sold one before it arrived ;-)

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