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My Latest Additions

Article about: Hello Guys, Been a while since I posted anything due to operational commitments during the Olympics. I have been trying to catch up after missing all of the big fairs here. I have aquired tw

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    Great collection, I will post my 1858 Enfield pistol that I got in AFG. And yes it is a real one.... not a Afghan repro. And it still shoots! I was wondering how the Afghans got the Martini, captured or given to the Afghans to form a pro British militia? One part of history I would like to know more about.

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    Hello mate,
    It was captured according to the lad that brought it back. As I mentioned there were two of them but I missed out on the other one which was a Mk1 converted to MkII and dated 1874.
    I am sure there must be hundreds or more over there.



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