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my M1

Article about: this is my Winchester M1. it is worn out but still fun to shoot. can any one tell me why the receiver is two colors. have seen references to bi-color receivers but haven't found out why.

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    If it's got a import mark it probably came from South Korea, or Israel as I believe they were sent M1 Garands as well as M1 Carbines. What's the SN on your receiver? Mine was made in June or July of 1944, it's a Winchester also. Very nice M1

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    Lightbulb Re: my M1

    Make sure you by the shortened version and not the full blade. I Have a shortened bayonet that i got for my field gear collection.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture my M1   my M1  

    my M1   my M1  

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    Yes, thats the one i'm after. I'll find one in a pawn shop some where.

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    Be careful though there are reproductions!!

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    Great lookiing Garand, but I've never seen an ugly one. I also have a Winchester along with two Springfields and they all shoot great! The annealed heal was a remedy for cracks that would develop in some of the early steel batches. It was actually dipped in lead, which causes the color difference, and reinforced the receiver.

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    That a nice rifle, thanks for sharing. I have one a springfield that is like new 98% finish, dad got me for a graduation present from college. It came from the CMP (civilian marksmanship program) they are a great source for M1 garands if you deside to get another one for shooting. They have bayonets too. Cheers, Robert
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    thanks for the help.didn't know about the lead dip. I plan on trying the CMP soon. maybe ill get a tack driver,

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