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My mosin nagant 1891/30

Article about: Hi. I will start a thred with some pics of my mosin guys. VAMPY

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    Default My mosin nagant 1891/30

    Here's my deactivated mosin nagant, only deactivated in october 09 ( I got it in november 09) seem's like sacrilige to hold a deac gun thinking it was live a month before you got it, but unfortunatley that's the way our shitty laws are here

    1943 manufactured
    Matching numbers all over including bayonet (is this common?), butt plate, magazine well, bolt and receiver.
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    Default Re: My mosin nagant 1891/30

    Nice example.

    All matching numbers is the norm on these as they were Arsenal refurbished.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: My mosin nagant 1891/30

    for those of you not familiar with the deactivation of a uk rifle heres a few pics of the butchering process.

    A slice is made from the breech to a few inches off the muzzle (the wood hides this) and a metal rod welded into the barrel.

    The bolt is also cut at a 45 degree angle

    One of the pics shows a bullet (inert) in the chamber, this is as far as it goes because the rod welded in.
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    Default Re: My mosin nagant 1891/30

    Sorry, the bullet goes further in, I thought it was a different pic

    Hi Ade, cheers for clearing that up for me, I was wondering lol

    This is how far it goes in.
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    Default Re: My mosin nagant 1891/30

    I think the mosin nagant is the best military bolt action of all time. What did your deact set you back ?

    I have two Polish M-44 carbines, they are great little rifles.

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    Default Re: My mosin nagant 1891/30

    Hi Mick! It cost 160 after postage 35 postage to Northern Ireland

    Btw that is one nice looking rifle you have there! Didn't like the look of mosin's to start with but they sort of grew on me, I want a carbine as well now lol

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    Default Re: My mosin nagant 1891/30

    I like them because they are really accurate,( with the right loads like everything else) very tough and have some nice features. They have been dumped on the market both here and in the US in the thousands, consequently they sell for peanuts. The Polish ones are particularly nice, the fit and finish is second to none. The quality is just as good as the early mausers with the added bonus of a fully floating barrel.

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    Default Re: My mosin nagant 1891/30

    Very nice Mosin. Thanks for showing how they deact "ruin" perfectly good rifles over there. Very, Very painful for me to see a beautiful rifle like that cut on.

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    Default Re: My mosin nagant 1891/30

    Beautiful - but that deactivation is painful to see. I have a 91/30 Ex Dragoon Hex and an M44 - love the feel of the 91/30 but haven't had an opportunity to try the M44 yet.
    COL, U.S. Army (Ret.)

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    Default Re: My mosin nagant 1891/30

    Try this recipe... 56grns of BL-C (2) with 125 grn hornadys. Extreemly flat and fast with a big orange fireball even on a bright sunny day. Pulled 7.62 X 39 bullets do the same job.

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