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My mp40

Article about: Ok , here it is as requested, Its not the correct sling I dont think, no markings, cross hatchings etc but it looks ok, I think its off a carcano ?(excuse my spelling!), I purchased this aft

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    Nice MP-40.

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    In Ontario, Canada, we do have a company named Marstar that sells a semiautomatic version of the MP38 (not MP40 though).

    Collectors, military history enthusiasts and 'living history' re-enactors are urged to take advantage of this unique opportunity to acquire these German made, 'waffen' marked guns: supplies are extremely limited as the BD-38 are individually made in extremely small quantities. As with SSD's BD-44 and BD-3008, extensive research and engineering has been invested into recreating these famous firearms even to the point of stamping them with authentic-looking 'waffenamts'! Everything except the 'semi-automatic only' fire control system (please note the BD-38 will not accept original trigger group components) - including the machined mag well and under folding stock - is meticulously reproduced to resemble the unobtainable originals.

    SSD BD-38 (semi-auto MP-38) 9x19mm
    Detailed functional 'semi-automatic only' German made reproduction of the WWII Wehrmacht MP-38 submachine gun in 9x19mm (9mm parabellum).
    BD-38 (in stock) (Clearance) $2,450.00
    Last year they were in the low $3,000 figure. At least they are restricted and can be shot (in a handgun range).

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    Very nice indeed !

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    wow,,,great score,,,has it been deactivated???...i heard of a guy that bought one that had been buried in a mans front yard,,,i saw the bottom half and the bolt assembly only,,,he said that the guy would bring the rest of the parts to him later,,nice score for him as well,,,wasnt in bad condition at all,,much better than i would have thought,,

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